PUBG Lite PC Control

PUBG Lite PC Control

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PUBG Lite PC Control

Control is a simple but essential section in PUBG Lite PC game. There are two maps and lots of enemies that you need to conquer as soon as possible. Aside from rushing into the deathmatch directly, you are able to join the Training Mode first. Regardless of whatever you choose, you should not forget to have a look over the instruction before your embark on download PUBG Lite PC. You will see two sections. Actually, we can talk about those two parts separately.


It is an important piece of every classic gunfight, especially in the cool Battle Royale title PUBG Lite.

  • Left mouse to shoot
  • Right mouse to aim
  • Scroll the mouse wheel to switch weapons
  • Move the mouse to adjust the camera angle


There are numerous items shown briefly. They are also necessary tools during Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.


Just press the following keys to change your firearm in PUBG Lite PC!

  • 1 to single out primary gear
  • 2 to trigger secondary device
  • 3 to fire pistols
  • 4 to unleash close range guns
  • 5 to throw grenades


It is the short list of equipment in the coming PUBG Lite game, which is controlled by:

  • 7 to select medical packs
  • 8 to launch the first aid kit
  • 9 to pick the bandage
  • 0 to consume the energy drink

I to visit the inventory


To begin the adventure in PUBG Lite PC game, do not skip keys below!

  • W to walk forward
  • A to turn left
  • S to go back
  • D to turn right
  • Q to sneak a peek to the left
  • E to look quickly to the right
  • Ctrl to roam on foot
  • Shift to run
  • Space to jump


It is the last segment of the Control that players in PUBG Lite Garena game can apply to perform different special moves.

  • C to crouch
  • X to stay armed
  • Z to prone
  • F to interact or collect
  • V to toggle FPP or TPP camera angle button
  • B to alter firing mode
  • M to view the map

Good luck!

PUBG Lite PC Control
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