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What is GameKv?

GameKv is a wonderful land that welcomes the gamers coming from all over the world to come and explore amazing various game genres. GameKv providing you with the latest information, reviews of video games, news, downloads and much more. Nowadays, playing games has become a popular activity of young people all over the world. There are lots of game developers, game producers who have been putting their effort into creating tons of blockbuster games that catch a bunch of attentions of gamer.  At, we honorably bring various game categories that are causing new heated phenomena all over the world to the gamer, including Online Games, Video Games, PC/Console, Mobile Games and much more! Stick with us and check it out!

Gamekv Home

Game Genres

Video Games

Video games have become more and more famous and widespread these days. This is a general term describing an electronic game running on a video device like a TV screen or computer screen. Video games include all other types of games, such as online video games (playing with servers), PC games, Console games and Mobile games. GameKv offers a full collection of video games to the players, followed by the game reviews, release dates, latest updates, new features, feedbacks of players and so on.

Online Games

Possibly speaking, online games are common games played by most of the players. They are video games that can be playable online with multi-players and require lots of servers to connect. Normally, the players have to purchase online video games and download them to their PCs, going through installation process too. The most important factor that online games require is internet connection because, without it, there won’t be any servers for you to connect. Some of the famous online games all over the world are Ark Survival Evolved, Mordheim: City of the Damned, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Elite Dangerous and much more!
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PC Games

Along with online video games, PC games are games that you will play on a personal computer instead of using an outside device to connect or arcade machine. To play PC games, you need to download and install it on your computers. If the game is multiplayer, you need to check the internet connection to log into the game. There are lots of famous PC games awaiting you ahead in this year, such as The Gate of Firmament, Five Nights at Freddy games, FNaF World and much more!
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Console Games

Also known as video game console! This is a game that needs an outside device to run. When you connect to this device, it will output a signal and the visual picture in order to show a video game. They are games requiring console machine for the players to play. There are some of the popular console games played by a lot of gamer such as Call of Duty Black ops 3, GTA V, Battlefield Hardline, etc. GameKv will surely bring many updates of these games to you.
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Mobile Games

They are games that are playable on touchscreen devices, such as smartphones that run iOS, Androids, and even tablets, iPads.  Mobile games will be divided into two types, free ones and paid ones. There are some of the games that you can play for free, but some of them will require you to pay cash for downloading. In addition, there are several PC games or online video games that are released for iOS and Android version, and they take money too!
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Gamer Community

Building a gamer community is also one of the main purposes of our administrators. GameKv will be an amazing place welcoming all the gamers from all over the world. They can share their thoughts about a certain game, leave their feedbacks, send the comments and ask for further information or even get the latest updates of the game that are currently playing on.

We highly recommend all of the gamer to pay a visit to GameKv for their gaming experiences as well as check out the latest information about the forthcoming video games, or find out game reviews so that they can select the best games for them. If you have any comments, please send them to us, we will improve our site and bring better things, better knowledge as well as better experiences to you! Once again, thank you for your visiting. Hope you have an amazing time with it!