Battleborn: An Epic Shooting Game That Has Bizarre Comic Style

Battleborn: An Epic Shooting Game That Has Bizarre Comic Style

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Battleborn: An Epic Shooting Game

Battleborn is an excellent first-person shooter game released by 2K Games and advanced by Gearbox Software.  The game offers multiplayer online battle coliseum factors where the gamers can join fierce combats, along with a bunch of tough heroes battle to defend the final star of the entire universe from being attacked by unknown adversaries. The game is developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

A Bizarre Comic Style

According to what game developers announced, Battleborn can be considered as an official version of an online shooting game called “Borderlands”. The trailer of Battleborn has been released depicting awesome comic style to all gamers all over the world. In the trailer, most of us can see that the game offers an amazing character system, as well as a bunch of strange monsters, along with cool items, and funny conversation between the characters.


Battleborn is a first-person-shooter game offering familiar control mechanism. However, since all the characters are robots, they are equipped with special abilities, including fast-paced movement in the certain period. Obviously, guns are viewed as the most popular and principal weapon in the game. If players are equipped with powerful guns, they can totally shoot at enemies from afar. But, gamers shouldn’t forget to use melee weapons which are still very useful for them to aim in near sights, particularly when they can cause a big damage with just only one or two hits. Shooting at enemies from afar is still way more important in the game. When you realize that enemies are getting closer to you, just start stunning them by using melee attacks.


Shooting Style

Once joining, players can freely utilize their powerful guns without worrying too much because the recoil of the guns is sort of low, making it easier to aim and shoot at adversaries from afar. All the guns are equipped with a bunch of bullets; the gamers can release their bullets to the targets repeatedly instead of launching each single bullet like in other shooting games. The pace of the combat is also increased due to the fast movement speed of the character. When enemies approach them, they can make the best use of their abilities to launch the attacks to foes using the melee assaults immediately.


Nevertheless, it’s still better for characters to safeguard themselves by attacking from afar when they encounter wave after wave monsters. If they got destroyed, they would have to wait for a bit to regain their health at the “save points” and it surely takes them a few minutes to move back to the arena.

Outstanding Feature

The most remarkable feature in Battleborn could be a huge open world. The game developers have built up each detailed map providing gamers with different information to discover. Thanks to magnificent map design, the gamers won’t feel bored, and they will get addicted by this feature for sure.


In-game characters

Battleborn also causes a b impression on the gamers due to its unique character set. The game offers up to 25 playable heroes that are equipped with excellent abilities, characteristics, actions, exclusive weapons and powers. However, since the game is still in development, there is only 9 characters in total, and the gamers can only take control of 6 characters. After releasing the full version, the players will be able to meet 20 characters that have distinct abilities, advantages and disadvantages. Also, thanks to the Helix system, the character evolution is now accelerated, and the gamers are permitted to level up their character from 1 to 10.

Player Mode

Aside from the familiar private mode, Battleborn also provides gamers with 5 vs 5 mode named Incursion Mode. In order to conquer the challenge, all the gamers still have learned more about pros and cons and the special abilities of their characters to prepare proper tactics and strategies.

Battleborn: An Epic Shooting Game That Has Bizarre Comic Style
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