Dark Souls III: A Wonderful Comeback

Dark Souls III: A Wonderful Comeback

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A Wonderful Comeback

Dark Souls III: A Wonderful Comeback

Dark Souls III is a forthcoming action RPG video game published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and FromSoftware. This is the fourth chapter of the well-known Souls series. The game will be worldwide released in April 2016 for these platforms, including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. The game is set in a third-person perspective which is kind of similar to former games. Dark Souls III opens a ruined world for all players so that they can depart their epic adventure and venture into the ruined world filled with giant wicked enemies and tough environments. Once joining, players will bump into a bunch of discrepant sorts of adversaries with distinct actions and skills. These enemies will switch their combat style throughout the fights. You’re entering and embracing the world of Darkness! Be prepared for it!

Official trailer and a gameplay video of Dark Souls III

The official trailer of Dark Souls III has just been uploaded recently displaying some of the mysterious and ghostly scenes in the game. You can check the trailer video below here:

Aside for this trailer, there is also a new video gameplay which has just been posted on the official channel of Dark Souls 3 on Youtube. At the very beginning of this gameplay, the gamers can catch sight of the protagonist is heading toward the giant castle, then suddenly there is a bunch of huge spears descending from the sky and prevent his progress without ceasing. Those spears were launched by a giant creature from afar. Hence, the gamers can come to find that FromSoftware still keeps the familiar game style which is so unclear, forcing players to have to carry on their game and speculate the whole story through the in-game conversations and items.

Watch the gameplay video below here:

A perfect return

As can be seen from the trailer and gameplay, the familiar style of game of Dark Souls remains unchanged, even in this third entry. The gamers can catch sight of ancient giant castles, the nasty undead creatures that are willing to battle against the warrior being equipped with armor and weapons. After completing the big game project Bloodborne, the game designer, Hidetaka Miyazaki has returned with his third entry, Dark Souls III, which shows us some of his influences. The enemies in particularly and the speed of the confrontation, in general, have become faster.

Dark Souls III: A Wonderful Comeback

One of the most outstanding points in Dark Souls 3 can be Arts system, considered as the excellent skillset attached with every single specific weapon, including swords that are used by hands. You can hold and let your character bow down a bit, then raise the sword higher. When you release the button, the warrior will rush forward like crazy, and instantly your character will shorten the distance and launch his powerful attacks simultaneously to knock enemies out. This skillset promises to become the significant ability that needs to be utilized in Dark Souls III.

Dark Souls III: A Wonderful Comeback

Different from Bloodborne, the shield is still extremely helpful in Dark Souls III, excluding that the adversaries can also perform specific assault which was already mentioned above in order to break the character’s defense if the gamers are unwise.
The graphics in Dark Souls III are way more magnificent and impressive compared to the predecessors. The dark dungeons now become more amazing and detailed, which can totally emit the vague light due to the advanced image processing technology

In-game crucial features of Dark Souls III

There are some of the brand new features claimed at E3 2015 that players can experience in the Dark Souls 3

  • Co-op allowing up to 4 players
  • An altar that permits players to engage in the play of other gamers, but you can get destroyed by the other gamer
  • The gamers can totally create the campfire (in order to save the game)
  • The gamers can change the storyline, causing gamers to encounter with discrepant giant bosses

The gamers can equip themselves with special skill sets, abilities to launch new attacks.

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