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Labyrinth is a strategic RPG game advanced and published by Free Range Games. The Early Access game has just been released on March 7th, 2016 and it’s receiving lots of positive reviews from the players at the moment. Since the game is still in development and the full version hasn’t been released yet, the players can only accomplish their mission in the game within 30 minutes. No need to worry about it! There will be more awesome features coming up in the shortest time. The game promises to bring the best gaming experience to players ever!

About Labyrinth

Labyrinth opens epic adventure for players to encounter a bunch of dangers, and challenges throughout their game. Once joining, you will have a chance to fulfill some of the amazing basic activities, including setting up your Heroes, constructing decks and diving into 3D deadly dungeons on battles between Player vs. Player. When you’re done with those epic fights, you can totally utilize the loots that you earned from the overpowering to modify and build your personal dungeon. However, in order to protect your dungeon and other previous loots, you’re supposed to create a powerful group of b heroes, bosses, minions and a bunch of deadly traps.

In-game features

  • PvP game combining CCG and PRG
  • The Offense deck can create a group of Heroes to attack a dungeon
  • The Defense deck can create a dungeon with b Bosses to protect your loots, and other previous items when you leave the game
  • Tactical location and turn-based action combining CCG strategy
  • The Boss cards can depict the private exclusive themed dungeon rooms
  • Players will freely play with tons of cards to get glory, craft and buy.

What the game developers struggle to build up

Deliver an ‘action’ to collectible card games

The game offers an exclusive turn-based 3D combat system to players, which help players perform more actions and tactical thinking skill, and thanks to this feature, Labyrinth can totally overturn others traditional card games. The cards play a significant role in the game! It can be considered as a living part of the game world.

Create for deep CCG strategy

With the merging of strategic action and the famous CCG strategy, the game surely opens a brand new experience as well as epic adventure for all players. Many thanks to the producer of Ascension and Solforge, Justin Gary and his staff at Stone Blade! They have engaged in this game project for many years to bring more gaming experiences and outline the CCGs.

Make an extensive world rich in culture–both extraordinary and familiar

As energetic game developers filled with passions, our team wants to be outstanding via the Labyrinth game. In creating the different world of Hylea, regardless if we are depicting the new Cosmos and formation story of Starfall or the precious jewelry, items of a Giant coming from the Northern Clans, the game developers still always struggle to gain more passion and attention to carefully consider every single side of the story and art.

Build up a game that will totally extend for decades

Firstly, Labyrinth is known as a collectible card game Along with impressive and creative gameplay, limitless mixtures, the possible for a huge extension; CCGs deliver the most amazing gaming experiences that can totally prolong for decades. These qualities have been proven, and the developers have brought them into an awesome new game

The Cards

The Four Disciplines of Magic

In the game, the four disciplines of magic will equal to the energy extracted from a distinct source throughout the Cosmos. They provide the operates that have exclusive skills that can specify a special playstyle


Practitioners of Warfare magic took their strength from the Spirit plane, a territory dominated by the endless souls of the old warlords. The Warriors will increase their power by ditching the force of their heroic ancestors. Warfare is fond of a strategy ruling through the savage power and withstand with an utterly invincible will.


Wizards, Sorcerers, and Arcanists will take out the power from the Elemental plane, a swirling and disordered whirlpool of raw energy, occupied by the weird animated spirit of Fire, Frost, Air, and Earth. The witchcraft blends with fundamental powers to create massive monstrosities as well as releases their raw energy with a destructive deluge of magic. The Wizards will brandish the best effects offered in the game


The devotees of Faith magic draw on the approval of Celestial plane which is a huge territory seized by gods and demigods. The Celestial people are changeable and basically alien. However, whenever they decide to change themselves in the battles of human beings, their favors are determined. The Faith wants to keep the control of the whole fight, hindering the biggest dangers while breaking down all the weak and losers with the gods’ volition.


Skulduggerists distinguishes itself from other above disciplines by not taking out their strength from the far-reaching territory, but from straightly ingesting Stardust in order to develop their inborn characteristics. This provides them with excellent reflexes, insight, and intelligence. The engineers make wonders of mechanical innovation. Rogues obtain the strengths of cheat and nimbleness. Skulduggerists always want to perform a strategy where they keep evasive until they can grab a perfect moment, then attack to the maximum effect.

Hero and Boss Cards

The cards can create the center of player’s collection. On attack, the players can take control of a group that has three heroes. On protection, they will direct some of the bosses that develop with the dungeon.


Both heroes and bosses have their private exclusive specific skill that will cheer the play-styles. A hero or a boss will also explain which discipline of magic that the character is going to use.

Offense Cards

Attack cards create the heart of Hero’s deck. Every discipline of magic will give discrepant attacking style. For example, Warfare is fond of close distance and break down the adversaries using destructive attacks; the Wizardry selects to stay at the scope and crush the enemy groups using area-effect spells. Every discipline has different specific resource which will increase a special play-style

Defense Cards

Minion cards play the center of the boss decks. They appear for alliances drawn from across Hylea and the Cosmos as well as called to protect your lair. Each Boss makes use of discrepant magic style when calling Minions. Mechanical Bosses utilize advanced strengths of mind to set up autonomous fears, whilst the Divine Bosses curry favor with gods to call weird and b humans from the Celestial territory. Several cards will straightly develop the Boss or permit it to fulfill a one-time destructive assault.

The World

The Cosmos of Labyrinth

There is a big split that totally tore the sky! There are thousands of people looked up to the sky to catch sight of the tranquil night broke down into a gleaming prismatic storm. From a crack in the center of the storm, there is a white star striped dragging fire as it fell. It was swept into a giant crater after crashing into the Earth, causing the explosive and thrum, along with mystical strength
The crater was full of water from Jarum river and turned into a big lake. The initial visitors were pilgrims, and they have followed the pathway of the star called Propet’s Tear. The figured out that the place was tied up with a powdery stuff that offered weird and magnificent powers. They also explored the Keyrifts, known as small bubbles that could help them look closely into dimensions.  When these explorations were spread, and a city started to rise around the edge of the crater, named the City of Starfall.


In Stardust, there was a powerful business mined from the crater increased. There were lots of people coming from far-off lands began their trades in some of the wonderful ethnic wards of this city. The wealth brought freedom and tranquility, and it dominated the whole city for centuries.


At the moment, the ancient pacts and allies are coming to a failure. The primary colonists have integrated their strengths, and they are trying to pull out rivals. Some of the newcomers to the city are trying to grab realm for themselves. When the night comes, a silent battle starts in some of the locations, such as tunnels, alleys, and halls of the old city. A realization says that they will become Heroes for themselves.

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7+
    • Processor: 2GHz+ (SSE2 instruction set support)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1 GB Video RAM
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card with latest drivers
    • Extra Notes: Disk space requirement will develop as content is added to the game during Early Access
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