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Project Genom Review

Project Genom is the great action massively multiplayer game which allows you to take part in the insane combat to destroy the foe and save the humankind. After your planet is destroyed, civilians have found out a new home. Their dream about a happy life on Avalon is collapsed. There are more evolved, powerful, united races. They begin to remove all of the human forces whenever they encounter. At that time, there are many heroes uprising. And you have a chance to become one of them. You should defend your own race and stand up for what you believe in. You can realize the new power that humanity will come to obtain with Project Genom.

Aside from that, Project Genom game is a shooter with a sophisticated role system which you can activate it to create a special character your way. Despite you stand up for your belief, fight for the humanity’s right, live with the mental abilities, own diverse firearms, or slam into the enemy’s ranks for close combat, you should remember that everything is up to you! You have to figure out the best tactics to handle the target neatly. There are dozens of skills, three paths of leveling up, one large weapon range, along with various armors, no-target combat system, and much more in the world of Genom.

Project Genom Game

A good feeling

Project Genom is reviewed as a game can bring to players the good feeling. The story is set completely in the over-the-shoulder third-person camera angle. You can find that it is solid although it is not an incredibly deep or nuanced shooter. The developers worked hard and spent much time to ensure that you and other users will have the pleasant experiences when shooting the opponent crossing your path.

A skill-based system

Project Genom includes a skill-based system which you don’t need to worry about your shots. Unluckily, because of the simplistic AI, it’s quite easier to sit and kill the target than moving around and shoot. Dodging attacks at melee range is almost impossible. And, moving will only decrease the accuracy. Moreover, handling ammo is pretty bizarre. The ammo that you collect from Ammo Crates is scattered around outside zones of the core spaceship hub. If you visit one of them, you will be able to discover a full stock of ammo for free immediately. This design is exciting for an MMORPG.


The weapons in Project Genom game can’t cope with reloading well. In case you reload a partial clip, the leftover part will be removed. And you will receive a full clip from your reserves and load it into the gun later. If you are reloading after you end a tough fight, you will often get more ammo crates. Sadly, the melee battle is not as nice as the shooting one. It is clumsy and incompatible. The swings happening are slow and they can’t be chained.


In Project Genom game, you can gather a small collection of various animations. But, swings can cause the same mediocre amount of damage as the amount of time they take. There are some quests will be automatically added to your quest list. They are based on the certain actions, for example, killing a specific number of enemies in a specific area.

Project Genom Game

Quest objectives

Quests also have their many issues. They are poorly labeled. When you select a task or the objective to accomplish, it can become difficult to decode. Really, a series of missions with a reward is not clear at first. You can doubt that questing zones have not enough spawns. A single player is able to run through and eliminate the enemy on his way in a specific spawn zone out for a minute. Besides, looting seems to be a free-for-all for nearby players. To make matters worse, quest objectives will pop in unexpectedly and get out of your quest tracker as you level up. It is a sign that you will finish a quest through another.

Rewards and characters

Rewards in Project Genom game are paltry. For the first hour, you can have some pieces of gear. You will own more experiences, credits, and quest items in the most of remaining parts.

Characters have a combination of stats. You can assign the point to each stage and skills rise up with use. You are possible to gain 5 scores per level so as to assign to any of the six stats. They will show character’s basic traits consisting of energy, damage, and health. They have their skills for armor, weapon, and other items unlocked after that. If you want to increase much more points in your Tactical Armor skill, you should not sit in the enemy spawn zone. To improve Assault Rifle skill, you are recommended to equip an Assault Rifle and shoot. Character level and skill level will decide whether you can equip a specific piece of gear or not.


Project Genom will provide to you vibrant and well-designed areas. The voice which is mixed between Russian and English is also well-done. This adds to the atmosphere a little. The UI is subpar. It is introduced as a simplistic set of transparent gray boxes. But, each of the menus is crowded as well as some info is missed entirely. A few tooltips when interacting with objects will be empty. Meanwhile, various strings of the text are not translated. The Escape Menu over dialogue is able to be opened. The health bar is not good.

The minimap is a halfway-decent feature. It has many bugs. Locations and major NPCs are not marked. This also occurs for other players and mobs. Area bubbles which are marked on the map are very incorrectly. The height of the objective is not pointed out. It’s harder to search for what you are finding.

Project Genom Game
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