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The Culling Game

The Culling

The Culling is an action video game developed and published by Xaviant Games. The Early Access game was already released on March 4th, 2016 receiving lots of positive reviews by numerous players all over the world. This is an adventurous action game taking players to the world filled with bloody battles between the powerful opponents. Once joining, people will surely experience brutal fights, gory scenes, and fierce slaughters. They are also required to perform their excellent skills in order to become the last man standing!

About The Culling

The Culling

The Culling opens a far-off island paradise where there are 16 competitors have to battle against each other. They only have 20 minutes to fulfill their activities, including discovering the areas, scavenging the items from dead bodies, crafting items, more weapons, setting up traps, go hunting and, of course, destroying each other. The player will be put in the shoes of one of these competitors, and they have to complete those missions in order to touch the glory and become the final survivor at the end of the contest. It will be better if the player is fully equipped with abilities, strategies, tactics and even luck so that they can claim their victory!
Different from other modes in open-world games, The Culling will offer the battle royale which completely focuses on b, self-sufficient experience bringing magnificent excitement and limitless awesome moments.

In-game features

The Culling

Since the game is still in Early Access period, the players will have a chance to experience some of the cool features in The Culling!

The Culling
Game Modes

The Culling focuses on an online battle royale where there are up to 16 competitors joining. They will play solo or even two at will. All the matches will extend around 20 minutes, and the dangerous poison gas will gently tighten the whole ring in the last stages. Who is still alive until the end will be the ultimate winner!
The game doesn’t offer the respawing point whenever you get killed by the opponents. Therefore, you have to be careful when you start your action.

The Culling
Weapons and Battle

The Culling game centers around the melee battle where players have to utilize various things such as jabs, charged swings, shoves, blocks and much more. Practicing and training are always highly recommended in order to become a true hero.
The game offers up to 24 melee weapons appearing in the form of blades, spears, bludgeons, axes. There are tons of levels of weapons that you can use to tackle with any damages. Without a doubt, because of the discrepant weapons, players will have to deal with discrepant injuries that can have an influence on fighting strategy. You can totally hurl the melee weapons, bringing more chances, building on more possibilities for ranged battle in some of the confrontations. In addition, The Culling also features several ranged weapons, such as bows, blowguns, and b guns.

The Culling

The players who are increasing their abilities to outflank the adversaries can take a sample from a full collection of deadly traps which are in the form of mines, far-off detonated bombs, caltrops and much more. Since the matches are extremely fast, the cunning players have to set up their traps in some of the spots or utilize them as the tasty bait to attract the enemies


Joining The Culling, you also have a chance to utilize tons of cool items, along with other stuff, such as smoke bombs, run speed stims, stun guns, backpacks, bandages, and much more. You won’t get any equipment whenever starting a match. Therefore, you have to go discover all for your survival. The space of inventory is very restricted, causing you to consider very cautiously about which items you should carry, or which way you should play!

The Culling

The Culling has an exclusive crafting system that player can easily to utilize. However, it still provides various recipes. Players are totally able to craft fundamental weapons, a bunch of traps and some of the good items, such as satchels, bandages and much more.


There are 3 perks for each competitor to select prior to beginning the match. Perks are very various and already available, ranging from fighting bonuses to crafting abilities, or even general usefulness
All players can totally get the perks from the very beginning without unlocking. Perks can be utilized for defining or increasing the private play style, regardless of concentrating on some of the strategies based on range, melee, or trap.


The players will have a chance to choose a private airdrop for calling in throughout the whole match. Air drops are known as dangerous care packages consisting of predefined types of weapons, items, and other deadly traps. You need to stay alert because you might be attracted by the calling in an airdrop.
If you open the holder, you can unlock lots of new airdrops. You will also unlock it if you try to hunt for a random airdrop throughout your match or even loot from the player’s.

Game Show Occurrences

Without a doubt, The Culling has become the most well-known game show. The producers of the show have dreamed up some of the occurrences taking place throughout the match so randomly. If you decide to engage in these occurrences, you can get more awards to enhance the possibilities of winning.


FUNC (stands for Flexible Universal Nano-Compound) can be used as the main currency in the game. You will need lots of FUNC to craft items, call in private airdrops and even unlock various sorts of chests. You can earn more FUNC during the fight or your discovery

Character Modification

When beginning the game, players will get a bunch of cool hairstyles, tops, pants, skin colors and so on. There will be lots of new modification items that players can unlock during their matches. There are more than 100 items which are already available for players to unlock.


Audio is one of the outstanding features that The Culling game focuses on. The players may be attracted more and more if they can make some noises by making their way through the jungle crafting items, banging the doors, and joining the epic fight.
Players can utilize the audio cues to pinpoint the rivals and cover their movements by utilizing the crouch mode, which will bring more tension and immersion to the game.

The Culling
Map Discovery

There is a map established on a tropical island in this game. Its size was already adjusted skillfully so that 16 competitors can fit on this island, but it also has to make sure that no contestants can be secure for a long time. The map is filled with a bunch of exclusive landscapes, constructions, covered catches and dangers.
Most of these factors are out of blue! Therefore, players have to prepare lots of knowledge regarding the map. When beginning the match, you can totally select to craft some of the rudimentary tools for your survival, or you can run to the nearest construction in order to find some of the precious items.

Guides and Offline Training Mode

Most of the new players find The Culling extremely frightful to them. But don’t worry, they will start getting used to it thanks to the fundamental and developed guides. With these tutorials, they can totally understand more the mechanics of the game
In addition, The Culling also offers an offline practice mode permitting players to practice in a situation that has low oppression.

Steam Items

When leaving a match, all players will get lots of rewards, relating to cosmetic items, and rare items. For a good performance, players will receive hats, hairstyle, shirts, and pants, but for an excellent show, they will be awarded infrequent items. However, all of the in-game items can be purchased on Steam Market.

System Requirements


  • OS: 64-Bit OS Required: Win7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 560 / AMD Phenom2 X4 945
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DX11 GPU with 1GB VRAM: NVidia GTX 460/ AMD Radeon 5850
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 8 GB available space

The Culling
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