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Wild Terra Game

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Wild Terra OverviewWild Terra Game

Wild Terra is one of the most exciting top-down MMO game in which players will have to find the best way to survive and develop. Right from the start, you should wander around the area to gather resources as well as forge weapons, and build a house later. However, you should be wary of other players. They can become the enemy anytime. You’d better try to construct a base, team up with friendly neighbors, cooperate with them to fight against the foe. Not only that you can break down their walls, steal their achievements while reinforcing your land with upgrades. You can equip yourself with durable armors and better arms before you clash with the others. Indeed, Wild Terra will lead you to an open world where you will gather, craft, build and survive. It is also one of the online games looking to exchange cash in on the huge popularity of them.

Wild Terra Game

Key features

  • No NPC’s: You must create everything such as items or trade with everybody in the new world by yourself.
  • Base Building: You are able to forge the own homestead and improve your halls with upgrades to defend yourself together with your belongings so that you can fabricate a palatial castle as you desire.
  • Extensive Crafting: You can transform resources into tools, buildings, armor, and weapons by using the crafting system.
  • Open PvP: You and anyone are vulnerable to attacks. You should be careful of strangers and protect yourself all times.

Graphics (8/10)

Wild Terra game’s graphics is pretty nice. You can say that the developer spent a fairly large amount to focus on the graphics. Details of textures have a good level. They constitute a beautiful world. Lightning and something with brighter textures should be added to make the world more real, in my opinion.Wild Terra Game

Sound (3.5/10)

Aside from the music, there will not be much to argue about the sound although there are still many effects when you implement various tasks. Nevertheless, they are acceptable. The music and sound will help you feel more excited about the challenge that you are joining. Obviously, they will become more successful if the developer team needs some work to improve them. If they can give out a pleasant tune, you will see that you can vent all of your weariness quickly. It may be the only reason that players didn’t rate the game lower.

Gameplay (5/10)

Similar to most games in their alpha stages, Wild Terra game contains a lot of the potential. Surely, it will keep growing and adding more amazing elements over time. Wild Terra game supplies to players an extremely useful crafting system. You can get some troubles when you try to navigate the crafting window and look for what you want. The search bar or a crafting tree is possible for you to view how different crafting items are connected. There is another great object which allows you to possess a small clipboard. This clipboard, indicating what you will build, will tell you what you have and what you need to get them.Wild Terra Game

The developer will have much time to make that minor complaint better at the early stages. But, you know, the minor complaint is related to the resource gathering. In other words, it takes you much time to do that. You have a large inventory to store and haul everything that you obtain during your journey. And you have to take far longer than they out to. Collecting materials is always a boring task.

Aesthetics (7/10)

What you can see after you step into the Wild Terra game is quite empty. Also, you have nothing to fend off any dangerous wild animals while you are chopping down trees in the woods. You can enjoy the game without encountering any serious bug. You are not alone because you can meet many structures owned by the others who inhabiting over the map even though you don’t spot anybody playing the game. After all, it is in an early alpha.

Wild Terra Game
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