Ire: Blood Memory – A super amazing ARPG game that is playable on Mobile devices

Ire: Blood Memory – A super amazing ARPG game that is playable on Mobile devices

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Ire: Blood Memory

Ire Blood Memory

Ire: Blood Memory is a famous ARPG mobile game developed and published by Tenbirds. This super hardcore game was officially released on Mobile challenging players to various tough missions.  The game was inspired by three famous games, including Dark Souls, Demon Souls and Monster Hunter. Ire: Bloody Memory promises to bring a super hard level just like other predecessors played on PC or Console. Once joining, players will have to do whatever it takes to keep survived as long as possible. Their memory has gone, leaving the whole ruined world behind. Now, let’s sharpen your blades and venture into fierce battles. The gamers have to collect and retrieve the memory, get the Corrupt back and conquer all the wicked enemies of a nightmare from the territory. Hunt for the Boon and recover Cadmeia from Kerr the Breaker.

A unique gameplay

Once joining Ire: Blood Memory, the players will have a chance to choose one of three weapons, including Lance and Shield, Gauntlets, and Sword. Each character has its own characteristics. The hardcore of the game starts very soon, exactly from the very beginning of selecting the weapons for the combat style. Nevertheless, the most outstanding point that needs to be noticed is the attacking speed of character will be very slow even if you choose speedy and light weapons.

Ire Blood Memory

Aside from that, Ire: Blood Memory distinguishes itself from other ARPGs that gamers usually play. In this game, if you launch your attacks too much, your energy will surely get decreased and cause you to get exhausted. In the game, besides the blood bar on the corner of the screen, the game also offers a health bar. Whenever players launch any attack or perform the defense, their health will be reduced a bit. Thus, make sure that you do calculate properly and attack the enemies accurately.
In Ire: Blood Memory, the players will not join the battles alone by themselves. They will have a chance to engage in Guild and team up with their friends to hunt for tough bosses. The game also creates an opportunity for players to make new friends, start conversation, exchange fighting experience. The gamers are also equipped with an excellent leveling-up system for their characters, such as adding more equipment, crafting weapons and much more.

Pay full attention to the giant monsters

Giant wicked monsters in Ire: Blood Memory are extremely hard to deal with. They are designed with tough levels and intelligence, forcing gamers to have to prepare nice tactics and strategies to tackle with them. In order to protect your life, make sure that you always stay alert to all monsters, from diminutive ones to the giant ones. Because if you’re not, you will surely get doomed!

In-game graphics and controls

The in-game controls are kind of simple and easy to use. At the left corner of the screen is the virtual keys to take control of characters, at the right corner of the screen is the command keys for characters to attack or defend. The game developers have been putting their effort into taking care of their game product so that it can be played smoothly and easier to operate on mobile devices.

Ire Blood Memory

Being inspired by Dark Souls and Demon Souls, Ire: Blood Memory also offers high-quality and excellent graphics to players to experience on mobile devices. The gamers can venture into the dark dangerous dungeon where dangers and threats are all surrounding them. The players have to encounter with huge wicked bosses that are hundred times larger than their characters and they always equip with incredible powers that can scare you to death and make you put lots of efforts into annihilating them.

For those who are interested in Ire: Blood Memory, they can access to App Store and Google Play to download it!

Ire: Blood Memory – A super amazing ARPG game that is playable on Mobile devices
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