Battleline: Steel Warfare Game Review

Battleline: Steel Warfare Game Review

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Battleline: Steel Warfare is the extremely exciting tank shooting game.

Battleline: Steel Warfare is a real-time tank battle game published by Bandai Namco games. This game is also known as the “Blitz 2: Battleline” in South Korea, a hybrid style RTS Tank battle game in which players will have to push the literal Battleline to attack and destroy the enemy and win.


When you accept to engage in the challenge, you must show up every customized skill to help your team and your tank figure out the best tactic to wipe out the opponent.

In the Battleline: Steel Warfare game, you and other members will be able to compete with a large number of others. Or, you can create a party where you can cooperate with your friend to make a team and fight against the rival. The main aim is to become the champion.

The list of available tanks is amazing. Here, you can see all tanks from every era and nation. Tanks such as the German Tiger I from 1944 can team up with the Korean K21 introduced in 2009 to battle against a Soviet T-54 from 1945 and its 1994 CV-90 Swedish ally. Not only that, there are several tanks can be commanded in each fight.


Battleline: Steel Warfare is an awesome game with lots of unique features. As we said above, this is a strategy game containing multiple levels. Thus, you only win against the other by showing the best tactic to beat all of the strategic combats at every level for the victory. Also, you should find all ways to snip and occupy their territory. Every activity in this war must be done quickly and exactly. Try your best to decide in time for battle supremacy!

Aside from that, the tanks in this Battleline: Steel Warfare game can be armed with the modern and cool armors. This gives you a big advantage when you have to face a lot of dangers during the fighting time. In the Battleline: Steel Warfare, you will have many opportunities to advance as a Team which can leave nothing after you take over their home. Of course, it is not a simple shooting game. But, it requires you use skills at the right moment to support your allies and put an end to the enemy\’s life.


When you play as a Unit Commander, you can deploy more than one tank in every battle. Creating these tanks allows you to attack and scout the target so that you can hunt them or just hold the line. Also, Battleline: Steel Warfare offers you the long distance shooting feature. With this benefit, you can sniper the goal at the far distance after you are ready. From the view of a tank, you will have the suitable solution to set up skill shots. Indeed, this game owns the tactical gameplay and organizes the impressive battles from the top down perspective between tanks.


In brief, strategy, clear timing, and teamwork are the very essential elements for the final victory. If you combine them with the exact positioning and the right ability at the proper time, you can change the whole momentum of a challenge and ally with others who can support you to build up the empire on the global scale. On the other hand, alliances in Battleline: Steel Warfare can become the key to beat the foe and dominate.

Currently, the Battleline: Steel Warfare game has out the first steps on Steam. This development allows the players to enjoy and explore it for free. Even its IP is not locked like a few online games. And now, you can register a new account to play this game on the home page  or on Steam at

Battleline: Steel Warfare Game Review
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