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Battlerite, the hot action game, will bring amazing features to players

There will not any farm, trade, or creeps in this Battlerite game. Everything you see is intense combats between factions of heroes. With this style of play, Battlerite can create a big revolution for the MOBA world.

If you are the beginner, you can feel a bit disappointed because it looks like other clones. And this may be the reaction of many players at the starting.


However, you will soon change your opinion after you go deeper into this game. Indeed, Battlerite is really a breakout title of the quality. There is nothing except the mad battles. As the name says, you can realize that the play will not concentrate on the tactical arrangement, attack or destroy the enemy base. But, you have to engage in the challenge and show up your fighting ability to defeat the opponents.

The graphics and the map

The graphics of Battlerite doesn’t highly focus on featuring the realism. But, the game uses the animated design for characters. Aside from that, you can realize that the scene in the game looks fresher and brighter with the nice colors. This change removes the dark which should not appear in the countervailing games.

The map in Battlerite is created in the style of the ancient Roman arena with more stylized. Like the fighting ring mode, players will have to select one of the available heroes to embark on a direct confrontation from 1vs1 to 2vs2, or even 3vs3, and much more. The map is pretty large compared to the size of an arena. Though, this is a reasonable adjustment for gamers to be able to accomplish various strategies. Whenever the target or the whole of the rivals is destroyed, the survivors will obtain or add one point. If your team has three points first, you will win.


The highlight

The highlight of Battlerite game is the breakneck pace in the fights. Due to no farm or creeps, shopping or assistance, what you need to use up your skills to beat the others. Within two minutes, you have to wipe out the enemy. Thus, you and everybody will not have the spare time to waste. The battles in the Battlerite will happen in a relatively short time, meaning that the speed of fighting is very high. Players must find the way to continuously attack or dodge if they want to survive and become the winner. It can be seen that this is the most attractive feature.


Engage co-op combat

Your challenge begins at the central arena. You have many options to deploy the tactic. You can spread out to control or rush to duel with the opponent team. One thing you should remember is that your choice must receive the agreement of other members. If you can achieve this, you can be besieged. So, the rival will have the opportunity to attack and kill you.



Currently, Battlerite has about 15 characters distributed into three main classes including melee, ranged, and support. All of them are unlocked from the start. In the next time, the support package or unlock new hero will be added. However, there is a rumor that the game will be released in the form of Free to Play. You will have to pay for the unlocking hero or costume package.


Although Battlerite game owns several pros so, the existing version still has some cons such as the error of connection, sound, design (like League of Legends), and the voice of characters are not attracting. Hopefully, these issues will be solved in the official version. Currently, Battlerite game is possible for you to purchase on Steam as an Early Access.

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