Guardians Of Ember Has Many Similarities To Diablo II!

Guardians Of Ember Has Many Similarities To Diablo II!

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Guardians of Ember is the amazing action online

Guardians of Ember game is very similar to Diablo. It will be present on Steam in this September 2016


Guardians of Ember is the new hardcore Hack’n’Slash from Runewaker, the developer behind the award winning MMOs Runes of Magic and Dragon’s Prophet. It is expected to be released on Steam. And you need to buy to play it. In other words, Guardians of Ember is a special combination of Hack’n’Slash and traditional MMORPG. It focuses on action-oriented combat in PVE and PVP, and near endless character optimization. The game includes three different price versions Standard, Demigod, and Immortal Edition. The Guardians of Ember game is also known as Embergarde. It has the style like Diablo II from the perspective to the fighting sceneries, monsters, etc. This Guardians Of Ember announcement trailer will give you a clearer view.

The story takes place after years of war. At this time, the world immerses in chaos. Once playing as a Guardian of Ember, you have to build the line to defend against the enemy, an evil menace. In this combat, you will encounter the sinister forces which threatening your land. And they can be only stopped by the ancient Ember. As the guard, everything will be placed on your shoulders. It is also the fate and the duty that you can’t deny. At all costs, you must retrieve the magic stone, destroy the enemy, and bring the peace back to this beautiful land.


In the reality, this Guardian of Ember game hides a lot of rich and exciting contents for PvE and PvP. But the most interesting part is that you can build up the own character. Therefore, you are possible to play two classes because you can select the second class when you hit level 15. With this combination, you will have the chance to choose up to 300 skills with 27 moves supported by 4 races, 6 classes. And you can see it is “endless” to explore. Indeed, when you play Guardians of Ember, you will have the time to choose from six different classes and extend your skill which is set by picking a secondary class after reaching level 15. A variety of 58 different regions with over 60 randomized and challenging dungeons is waiting for you to conquer. At dungeons, you will fight against monsters, mortals, and living dead bodies to take the Ember back.


One of the mechanisms that Guardians of Ember game surprises gamers and create the excitement when you participate is the Dungeon system is not fixed. In addition to this, the map of tunnels can adjust automatically each time you launch the challenge. This makes you feel interested in every moment that you engage. Also, add more difficulties. And you will not be bored.


Not only that, the PvP system depending on the ranking (or not) will consist of many modes, for example, vs1, 3vs3, 5vs5. This is also the unique feature which rarely appears in other online games.


In brief, Guardians of Ember provides many amazing features for players to enjoy this game. They are the key features such as:

  • Dual class system (available from level 15)
  • Near unlimited character optimization (4 races, 6 classes, over 300 of active and even passive skills)
  • You can see randomized dungeons in the game with individual difficulty settings
  • In the crafting and enchanting system, you can design your perfect equipment here.
  • In the housing system, you can decorate your house with hundreds of items.
  • Besides, you can participate in the story and deal hundreds of quests.
  • There are many various PVP options (1vs1, 3vs3, 5vs5 – ranked and unranked)
Guardians Of Ember Has Many Similarities To Diablo II!
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