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Heroes & Generals Game

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The developer team at Reto-Moto is looking forward to showing that they are persons who worked hard to build this Heroes & Generals game from the ground up. By using an own game engine, they concentrated on the FPS game first and strived their way to implement an increasingly difficult work. It takes a lot of inspiration from Battlefield. The mission of you when playing is to capture points or defend them against the enemy onslaught. Additionally, Red Orchestra is also another inspiration. If you kill the opponent soldier with a single shot, you will soon realize that death arrives quickly to him.

About the map
Players in Heroes & Generals game can watch a map of the ongoing combat while they are leaving the battlefield. There are multiple battles with a maximum of 1000 combatants on each side. Only the Western European front is available. However, the plan is also reserved for North Africa and the Pacific. The map will be able to affect the wars and vice versa.


At this time, this is limited for you to control the attack teams around. They are the resource that you can utilize in the challenge. Thus, you can send these resources from your capital or factory to the front such as tanks or planes and other vehicles. in case, the own general doesn’t launch enough troop resources to the war, their FPS player will have to run away from the Heroes & Generals respawns and confirm the fight. if you can maintain pushing the resources, you can prolong the battles within many hours even days.


The game modes

Players which are on the strategic level in the Heroes & Generals game should take the responsibility to start fighting by moving the assault team to the opponent territory. These teams often belong to the types of Assault, Skirmish, and Interdiction. Developers planned to add many new modes which supply external results. Their capture the flag mode will relate to stealing documents. It will bring a friendly radio station for broadcast. And you can see movements of the enemy. Besides, the sabotage mode will allow you to see the troops which are sent to destroy the bridge. If they can accomplish the task, there will not any way for generals on the map to cross. There is another idea that is creating a battle where one faction will dive-bomb a train track while the other has to defend. To reach the goal and capture the enemy capital, you need to manage to complete a long-term strategic target. This quest can last for weeks or months of the war.


In my opinion, it’s fair to say that the ideas are very strong for this strategy-action mash-up. At least, the EVE’s plan will contain orbital bombardments on the surface planets of Dust 514. Now, the interface is pretty messy. From the loadout screen to the assault team tab to the map of Europe, everything is quite confusing. If you’d like to play as a hero, you will  only get a bit of problem. But, if you want to join the Heroes & Generals as a general, you can need to decipher these labyrinthine menus without the support from the game. The icons of the light armor, mechanized recon, and riflemen squads are fit the military symbols.

The currency

Heroes & Generals game consists of two currencies: credits (the silver coins earned in fights) and gold (bought with the cash). The gold can exchange into credit which is used to purchase stuff in the game. Not only that, you are possible to add war bonds. The third currency coming is called war funds. They can help you in the strategy game. They are useful to balance issues involved with sending in loads of assault teams in tandem and farming giant sums of cash at a time. And the game should have the name Heroes & Generals & Bankers.


The main mission for Reto-Moto is not only to make the strategy component less transparent but also help players organize themselves other online communities in the same way.


Heroes & Generals Game
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