Line of Sight: An Irresistible Online Multi-Player Game

Line of Sight: An Irresistible Online Multi-Player Game

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Gameplay is solid


After you boot Line of Sight, a simple guide will help you understand the game’s standard controls. If you have ever played as a first-person shooter, there is not anything unexpected here, for example, wall running or rocket jumping. The gameplay is more or less focused on stealth. You will spend most of your time to crawl on the belly through the underbrush and eliminate the target. It’s pretty stressful to complete levels! You have to do your best to move forward and scan the horizon to find out the hidden enemies behind trees. It sounds a leaf-green-hued game version of “Where’s Waldo?”. There is a difference that is Waldo will kill you first if you can’t detect him.

Graphics are great


nFusion’s proprietary graphics engine works well to generate a believable jungle environment. Levels are huge and they are filled with several rocks, trees, and plants. This makes the Line of Sight game become real, especially when you hide or search for the hidden enemies. Besides, spotting the camouflaged persons is the finally primary challenge. Thus, although you can use up to 12 different weapons, the sniper rifle is still the one that you will utilize in almost situation.

Game modes


Line of Sight provides to players an amazing set of multiplayer options. It has deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, and a mission-based attack-and-defend mode. It’s possible to play the single-player campaign cooperatively! The multiplayer code is solid and it is an improvement on Pacific Theater’s despite none of them is the breakthrough.

Innovative systems

Line of Sight has many creative and special systems which promising will have a blast with this visual treat even though you’re a casual gamer or a die-hard fanatic. The game happens in a modern military setting in a twisted reality. Indeed, it looks like the unique combination of two famous shooting games. It is also the briefest description about this game. Psionics Abilities allows players to experience it from now on. The first batch of these abilities is just the starting. Plenty of others is coming in the future. If you are the one who loves pure military FPS games and desire to play competitively, you should not worry.


Line of Sight offers Classic Modes and you can explore your challenge like traditional online FPS games which is often found in E-Sports scenery. In case you are only a usual player, you can enjoy several contents and Match Making system for free. It means that you are able to explore unexpectedly or competitively.  This depends on your choice.

Aside from that, Line of Sight will have plenty of interesting features in the roadmap such as innovative PvE modes, Custom Map Editor, Built-in professional tournament system, and MYRoom (Custom Hideout).

Feel like a terrible parody

Line of Sight looks like a poorly made parody when it is seen in motion. It is the result of developers when they try to bring traditional shooters back. The character models and general textures are bland. Besides, the weapons emit the sound like sub-par. The maps are designed in a monotonously. Not only that, the voice-overs are bad and hovering text makes the screen smudging. The blood splattered text bubbles reward for headshots and double kills also makes you have the feeling as punishments instead. Each time you score a double kill, you will be reminded of traditionally cheesy video game spoofs that you have ever watched in movies.


The biggest issue in Line of Sight is the lack of variety. Missions that occur in cities, jungles and snowbound enemy bases are just to name some. You can get tired of the similarity between levels when you hit level 5 or 6. Additionally, Line of Sight doesn’t offer the drivable vehicles. But, the score for the orchestra is excellent.

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