Twin Saga Game Review

Twin Saga Game Review

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Twin Saga Is An Enchanting Anime MMORPG

Twin Saga is the top MMORPG game in the world. The gameplay is related a lot to action. Also, the graphic is designed in anime style which is quite visible and easy to create sympathy for the players.

Twin Saga is available for gamers to enjoy the Closed Beta which allows players to explore and experience the game before the official launch date. You need to have the Gift Code to activate the account. Accounts which are used in the Closed Beta will be reset when the Open Beta is possible.

Twin Saga’s story takes place in a beautiful land where two races belong to the Star Clan arise conflict because they worship different gods and they have not the same vision of the future. After a long time, they can’t solve anything. Not only that, the situation may become worse. And this conflict creates a battle named Astral War. Next, the world steps into a new period when everything is destroyed by Twin Saga.

At the starting of the game, players only can select one of three basic classes, Swordsman, Wizard, and Ranger. However, this changes when they unlock new characters such as Priest or Paladin.



It is notable that the character can be switched before the battle begins. Like other online games, each class owns their skills. And this feature makes the gameplay more exciting and richer. You can play all of the given classes without feeling bored or trying to get various accounts. There are nine classes for you to uncover and change by using a single character. So, class switching is one of the key features in this game.

But, the class switching is not the only feature. Twin Saga also introduces to players an amazing skill system that these classes can use. And this blows a new wind flow in developing character. You should read carefully before picking the class that you want. This selection can affect your power and the winning capability.

About the combating mechanisms, Twin Saga offers the combination of the target and non-target fighting styles. You can launch some skills directly at the goal. Or there are many spells forcing players to navigate. The attack skills in the game are implemented in a special way so that you can create combos constantly.


Due to each of the characters uses a particular ultimate skill, they can cause major damage and even attach unique effect. While fighting in Twin Saga, these ultimate skills need to have the time to recover. And so, you have to think twice before using them.

If you want to defeat the enemy faster, you should apply combos. The combos in this game are very important when they can not only make the foe lose quicker but also result in more shock effects. If you are successful, you can end the battle easily.


Twin Saga is also the action game giving a series of supplements with increasing difficulty. There is a thing that you should note that these supplements don\’t only revolve around the monsters, defeating the Boss. Aside from that, you have to brainstorm to figure out the best solution to unlock or look for the way to conquer the challenge. Besides, there is an exciting secret in Twin Saga is the ability to travel around all of the lands in this world to collect more experiences and accomplish various tasks. In each area, you will receive new missions.


In general, Twin Saga is the peak MMORPG game now having the impressive gameplay favor of action, along with the nice and friendly anime style graphic. If you have ever enjoyed Dragon Nest or Dragon Striker, you will quickly become familiar with Twin Saga.

Twin Saga Game Review
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