10 handy tips helping you get familiar with a hot free game called Apex Legends

10 handy tips helping you get familiar with a hot free game called Apex Legends

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Apex Legends can be regarded as the hottest FPS Battle Royale, for now, surpassing PUBG and Fortnite in terms of numbers of gamers and accounts. This is another addictive Battle Royale game promising to keep all gamers addicted for hours when it offers great gameplay, awesome features and a variety of characters with different abilities. To master Apex Legends, you should learn 10 useful tips below here!

Apex Legends

10 tips to master Apex Legends

Play with your in-game friends

In Apex Legends, you will play with a team and try to help your teammates defeat the rival teams. The game doesn’t feature a solo mode, it is still great to play with allies. You will use the communication feature in the game to talk to your teammates, which is a key to success.

Feel comfortable to use the ping system anytime anywhere

The marking and ping system can be regarded as nice and upgraded features in Apex Legends. Just like the marking system in Battlefield, with the ping button, you will be able to mark the place you like, such as the item box or even the enemy’s vestige, also, when you mark the enemy, you can help your allies catch sight of it easily.

Be careful when choosing your character

The game revolves around the character experience! Every single player in a team will pick one character that is always armed with a special power. You are advised to merge this special power with your team’s strength in order to reach the glory. You should have a talk with your team and discuss choosing the character before entering the battle against the opponents.

If you are in an emergency case…

There is a great system featured in Apex Legends when the players are dropped and get to the place they want. In a situation when you notice that your leader is taking the group to a wrong place, namely a deadly place, you will always have an option to separate yourself from the ground then you can find more other ways to survive.

You won’t get many advantages from sniping rifles

Normally, at the end of Battle Royale matches, there will be usually two characters owning a rifle, and the one who fires the best target will be the winner. Unlike other games, such as Fortnite, Blackout, and PUBG, the map of Apex Legends concentrates on the inside world more than others. Sometimes, you will be so surprised when you catch sight of plenty of buildings and other stunning places, like cliffs, caves, apartments, etc. You can make use of these buildings to cover yourself from the rivals, but you must also watch out for your surroundings because there is no guarantee that you won’t be ambushed by the snipers.

The gravity

You won’t get injured when you fall down to the ground thanks to the gravity in the game. If you want to save your life when being chased by opponents, simply take a leap from the cliff then descend down easily. Don’t worry, you won’t die when you do that!

Can’t find any weapons? Don’t be scared!

Sometimes, you will be in the case of being unable to find any weapons after landing on the ground. However, you can skip this thing in Apex Legends. Since the game is team-based, you will surely have at least one chance to get to other locations where you can find more weapons before you meet enemies.

Death is not the end

In Apex Legends, death is not the end! This means that you will have a chance to be revived by your teammates when you die. If someone ends up dying, his teammate will use the banner as well as go search for a vending machine to revive his ally. Remember that a revived player won’t be given any items or weapons. Reviving only has 5 minutes, therefore, players must be very careful when trying to revive their allies because getting ambushed is easy to happen.

A beautiful crown

In a current battle, the player winning the previous match will be crowned as the champion. You should attempt to beat the champion for earning 500 XO in the decorative development system.

Neglect the meadows

The player always crawling on the ground and hiding under the high meadows while others are battling and going into the middle of the circle as time goes by is one of the most usual tactics in Battle Royale games. You can also see that there are several high meadows featured in Apex Legends, but they can’t still rescue you. It’s impossible to crouch, crawl and cover yourself when your location is easily detected by the rivals and you will meet your doom. You are advised to hide in some caves then do sneaky actions if you want.

With all the useful tips mentioned above, hopefully, all gamers of Apex Legends will have wonderful gaming experiences as well as conquer all of their foes in the game.

10 handy tips helping you get familiar with a hot free game called Apex Legends
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