ASTA Game Review

ASTA Game Review

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ASTA, a fantastic massive MMORPG game!

ASTA game is available on Steam! It has been revived after a deep sleep. Indeed, you can find the English version of ASTA without difficulty here

ASTA Game Review

ASTA is an awesome game that its English version was released in 2015. However, it was closed in October 2016, by NPH Webzen. Obviously, the game left plenty of regret for the gamers worldwide. ASTA was developed and based on Cry Engine 3 in which you will be brought to a gorgeous fantasy world in the Asian style. The game focuses on building a vast territory with a well-designed map going with a series dungeons that leading players to the right storyline of each race. Everything starts after a fallen Goddess finds the way to come back to the Nirvana or the place where she has been exiled from. If she is successful, it will put an end to everything. Fortunately, powerful armies rose up to prevent her plan. Her defeated essence was torn into two parts so that she could not ever put the world in the danger again. From that event, two realms at war as dark beings once again aroused.

ASTA Game Review

The classes and races in ASTA online game are divided into two major groups, relating to two realms called Asu (created by three Primacies) and ORA (created when Heuk the god of death exiled to Samsara from the Heaven).

Players have many different options to explore and enjoy the world that they want. There are 6 races which are distributed into Human, Giant, Beast, Night Demon, Raksasa, and Fox. At the start, each of them will appear in the dissimilar land. They do not also possess the same mission due to their plot, questlines, and cinematics. Indeed, ASTA owns a stat allocation system that you can use to determine which ones to invest in. You are able to customize your character including adjusting the body shape to the length of eyebrows. You can create and train them, too. From these elements, you should be prepared for an epic adventure to save the mythical land of Samsara from the rage of the evil God.

ASTA Game Review

The combat mechanism in ASTA game still follows the familiar Target style where you mainly use hotkeys to launch special strong hits at the enemy that you selected. Nevertheless, you don’t need to pick the target when you apply skills that causing spreading damage.

ASTA Game Review

Note that the matchmaking system will automatically help you easily search for a team at random when you select to go beyond the add-on map. You will not get trouble when looking for new teammates. Furthermore, you can become the role you aim such as Tanker, Damage Dealer, or Healer. Also, it will make the group balanced.

ASTA Game ReviewFor main features, ASTA contains playable classes customizable with talent trees, races from two rival factions. Besides, it allows players to acquire gear and enhance it with extra bonuses. You can play Extensive solo content and optional party. Dungeons and Raids offer breathtaking difficulties. There are a large number of PVP Battlegrounds, Arenas and Guild Wars. It is free for all to experience!

There are many exciting PVE features consisting of Questing (you will advance through an open world and fight against the foe to win), Events (all of the people in the area can contribute to the event by clearing specific antagonists to summon forth a Boss and beat him, you will obtain more rewards if there are more players cooperate), Dungeons & Raids (you can queue as a group or solo to be assigned a gang with others, these locations will give you several great challenges for the cool awards and high levels of teamwork).

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