Atomega – An Awesome Fast-Paced Shooter Game

Atomega – An Awesome Fast-Paced Shooter Game

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Atomega – An Awesome Fast-Paced Shooter Game

Atomega the game is only a shooter without so many violent actions. Everything that you witness in the game will bring back to you much more interesting and funnier experiences in which you can immerse into chasing, eating squares to upgrade your characters. It is really new! To know more details, you can watch the following gameplay video.

Recently, the production team, Ubisoft Reflections, who was responsible for the development Grow Home and Grow Up, introduced an extremely exciting online shooter game known as Atomega. The game was officially released on Steam on19 September 2017. Based on the number of reviews of those who have ever played Atomega steam game, you will know that it is very positive.

Atomega the Game


In Atomega download, you will have the chance to take part in a race in which you need to get to the top of the food chain as soon as possible. You do not have to overthink anything. What you imagine in your mind is sometimes less. The thematic purity of Atomega free download game will appear at the cost of the real nuance or any actual variation. There is a framework. But, it is not expanded. We can say that the simplicity that it owns is a double-edged sword.

Atomega download is one of the latest games coming from Ubisoft Reflections and having an unbelievable charm. The cyber-futuristic landscapes in the game are made up of purple and yellow colors when blocks and robots which look like dinosaurs roam around the planet. But, how they behave is more aggressive than what you have ever seen in usual Grow games.Atomega Pros

Atomega is the eight-person PC-only arena shooter game which will require you to focus on growing up in the fastest time. You or other players will begin as tiny balls of lights. Or, you can call them as Atoms. While rolling around the map, you can collect single stray shapes to gain more mass or attack other people and steal theirs. Note that you can shoot down them only. Besides, you are equipped with one weapon, a laser, which can work on a cooldown. The final objective is to possess the highest score and be the biggest character.

To progress, you will be asked to overcome a seven–stage growth cycle. Embark on your job as an Atom and act your way to evolve into Cel, Zoa, Saur, Prime, Superior, and Omega. You can receive several advantages and even disadvantages to each form. Fortunately, they are consistent. The smallest class will be nimble and weak. Meanwhile, the larger ones are stronger and their movement is slower. Or, they cannot jump high. That can make the playstyle more thrilling if you do not concentrate on scoring. So, the smaller forms are able to enter the more movement-oriented zones, for example, jump pads or speed tunnels. Nonetheless, using them is just a means to search for food that others might not reach.

There is a mental balance between stages in Atomega online game. That causes each of them to be more attracting than the moment it happens. The bigger structures can feel safe because of their improved health and damage power while the little ones get another strange safety since they are small and agile. Actually, it is dangerous. Therefore, it’s best to increase in size rapidly. There are tons of power-ups in Atomega the game. They support you to make the shield, magnet, or the ability to knock back the enemy better, etc. You can select to teleport if you’d like. But, those items do not differ enough.


Atomega Cons

Matches in the Atomega free download game also have many similarities, often with early momentum performing as the key to climbing to the top spot.

After the release date, there was one map and an FFA mode.

The experience-based character shaders are not stimulant to continue playing.

Ironically, Atomega never grew to its full potential.

It is a mostly-unique MMO game first. It quickly becomes too familiar later.

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Atomega – An Awesome Fast-Paced Shooter Game
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