Caravan Stories – The New Top Online RPG Game

Caravan Stories – The New Top Online RPG Game

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Caravan Stories – The New Top Online RPG Game

Every event in the Caravan Stories download is an awesome game started since something huge appears in the sky and comes from outer space. From an unidentified entity, it releases scary and giant monsters which are ready to raze everything on the ground. At that moment, heroes congregate and decide to fight together against the invader and destroy all to get the peace back to their planet.

Caravan Stories - The New Top Online RPG Game

The developers have recently done a live stream session in order to show off the match. They have a lot of problems to talk about that you can see more here


Caravan Stories - The New Top Online RPG Game

It is quite amazing. Caravan Stories mentions to the appearance of a gate named Enigma, from which a scary evil force escapes and devastate the world. The objective is to work together and defend their life along with everything from unpredictable threats.

Caravan Stories focuses on teamwork. The random boss will challenge the player’s agility. There is a complex collection of detailed maps.

Manage a squad of 6 teammates. That is familiar with Logres: Japanese RPG, another fantasy MMORPG of Aiming Inc.

An additional feature improved in Caravan Stories apk from Logres: Japanese RPG is the ability to evaluate the match against Boss leading to taking the advantage from other people. The PvP mode is called Coliseum related to building up a crew of 10 to protect Caravan while they are moving the object.


Caravan Stories - The New Top Online RPG Game

The graphics and the art are nice although some people said that they felt it outdated.


Caravan Stories - The New Top Online RPG Game

The game features something similar to the kind of Pokemon and party system in which you are able to recruit many different monsters or NPCs.

There are six playable main characters in Caravan Stories download game consisting of Human, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Gesshi, and Lizardmen. Initially, Lizardman will not be available at the time of launch. With the future updates, this will be the main species causing the original plot. Players can participate in the combat and explore the local test to select Humans. So, it looks like each of races will [bring to you a variety of exciting beginning points.

Mainly, Caravan Stories is a smartphone game. It will own a system that you and other people can embark on a mission or a quest and they can work automatically to the destination you desire as well as make it easy to choose the new persons.

When you advance through the story and other random field adventures, you will have the chance to meet up with every type of NPCs and other beasts. After that, you can form several party setups which suitable for your playing style.

Caravan Stories - The New Top Online RPG Game

There are rare symbols. You can wonder if the game is going to offer a Gacha system with super rare characters.

If you are taking part in a battle, other members of the faction will auto attack. So, you can establish the AI to activate their skills automatically or manually control them by tapping. Meanwhile, abilities will require you to drag them on the map. To be honest, the fight does not really look thrilling due to it seems to be full-auto. In my opinion, they are trying to make it simple but it can be better if they add some stuff, for example, team combos or hidden ones with the people running their powers at a time. After joining the game around 30 minutes, I eventually have a Caravan. I could completely customize and modify the group. Additionally, there is a portable house where you choose and do anything with items like crafting, collecting and others.

If you enter Caravan Stories android, you will recognize that it seems like not a lot of men reached the main city. The game feels like a usual RPG for now.

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Caravan Stories – The New Top Online RPG Game
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