Changes In Hotfix #91794 And Patch #92253

Changes In Hotfix #91794 And Patch #92253

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Hotfix #91794


After receiving feedback on The Culling game during the final Test Server and into the early hours of our latest update, we can show the changes in Hotfix #91794 including:

  • Now, the trapper perk only uses Expose wound for Crafted Snares and Steel Snares, except Caltrops or Punji Sticks.
  • Fixed the bug that players are allowed to equip legacy perks and use them in the online match.
  • Also, the trapper preset now contains Brutus instead of Faster Trapper.
  • The server crash bug is fixed.
  • Aside from that, many text issues are changed with perk and weapon descriptions which are not suitable to the function.
  • You don’t need to worry about charging the bow because the bug which used to affect the mouse sensitivity is fixed.
  • The users in North America now are possible to connect to the server when their region is set to auto detect.
  • And the finally fixed bug can let you stack multiple Punji Sticks on top of one another.

Patch #92253

This patch #92253 can satisfy the new and old players in The Culling game. Major optimizations, new features, balancing, seasonal hats, and bug fixes are the elements for this best patch yet.

New features

  • The net code of The Culling  is optimized remarkably.
  • The framerate performance is upgraded for many users.
  • The matchmaking system now is set for players owning the similar skill level to play against one another.
  • About the new auto bow weapon: you can launch a magazine of three bolts faster before a lengthy reload. And the bolt has the less damage than the arrow.
  • New craftable weapon, Gas Grenade can create a large cloud containing the toxic gas. It is crafted by combining a Smoke Bomb and a Poison Gas Vent.
  • Added two new layouts to the Culmination, one is selected at random by the server at starting of the match so that it can add variety to the central arena.
  • New Airdrop, Demon Hunter. Auto Bow, Smoke Bomb, Caltrops x2 (175)
  • New Airdrop, The Imp. Auto Bow, Crafted Armor, Tomahawk (225)
  • New Airdrop, Viking. Tomahawk, Crafted Armor, Muscle Man Milk (125)
  • New FUNC Survival Bonus. Players will receive the reward of 25 FUNC after surviving within 3 minutes, 25 FUNC after 7 minutes alive, and 50 FUNC after 11 minutes. The current Airdrop economy is working to relegate the high-tier weapons to the later stages. However, you can find the costs to be intimidating. This change will prevent the high-value Airdrops from appearing too early even though they are put firmly.
  • Blue Crates in The Culling are replaced with Holo Spawners which have the same loot list such as Tier 3 Melee Weapons, Orange Juice, Dynamite, Impact Grenade, Compound Bow, Auto Bow. But Holo Spawners just give a preview of the item that you can get.
  • Suiciding into the poison gas awards the kill credit and FUNC for those can resolve the damage when you are on the brink of death, with some restrictions.
  • Added the limited-time hats for players in 4th of July (American Independence Day)

Balance changes

  • The FUNC cost for Carjacker, Guerilla, Pothead, and Trapper airdrops in The Culling increases.
  • Bleed wound applied by Bows (including the new Auto Bow) to Tier 1 (6 damage over 10 seconds) decreases.
  • The time to craft Hatchet, Spear and Cudgel reduces.
  • Showdown behavior changed to account for end-of-match scenarios
  • Half of the melee weapons to more accurately account for the tier, speed, and the wound is rebalanced presumably. The weapon can match well against their tier-mates. You will not see the weapon from a lower tier anymore. This is implemented when bumping the base damage values up or down by a single point.
  • Reduced Backstab damage to 50% for all weapons while increased Sneaky Poker and Brutus to 50%. A backstab now is not lethal, especially with lower-tier weapons.
  • Changed slightly the throw damage values.
  • Adjusted Golden Arm to +25% velocity, +100% damage for thrown weapons with +50% for crafted. It is still a valid build. But you can’t solve devasting damage with the crafted weapon.
  • Jab-Back is mitigated so that you will not see a jab-back when attacking the enemy under a few situations. Also, the charge time for attack is decreased and the duration of the stagger is increased.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Shove sometimes fails from certain angles of The Culling game.
  • Fixed a bug when you right click to interrupt Stun Gun / Pepper Spray attack
  • Fixed a bug that players can get rid of the stun
  • Fixed the bug where stamina failed to reborn when you drop a weapon while blocking.
  • Fixed a bug where some items’ physics were dropped
  • The issue for late item spawn (related to net code optimization) is fixed.
  • The bug that lets you reload faster when you change weapons is fixed, too.
  • Improved the bug for collecting materials instead of crafting from spawned or equipped resource
  • The sensitivity when aiming with the ranged weapon is changed clearly when you zoom.

Other changes

  • The Culling users who choose North America West server region are redirected to the North America East servers to improve the waiting time.
  • Changed Weather and Observation building
  • Adjusted the start of match spawn box behavior
  • Tutorial polish pass

Thanks for your reading!

Changes In Hotfix #91794 And Patch #92253
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