Everything You Should Know About The Gate of Firmament

Everything You Should Know About The Gate of Firmament

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The Gate of Firmament

The Gate of Firmament is the latest entry of the popular Chinese RPG video game series named Xuan-Yuan Sword. The game was already released on March 26th, 2015 and it’s currently downloadable on Steam. Without a doubt, most of Chinese RPG games only have domestic releases, which are only made for Chinese gamers. The Gate of Firmament can be viewed as the rarest Chinese RPG game offering English version and being widely released over the world. The most outstanding point of The Gate of Firmament is its wonderful graphics, along with the unique game plot and the game does worth a try and experience. About the gameplay, the game allows the players to perform their actions based on a group of 4 warriors. The playing hour of the game can reach up to 30-40 hours in total.
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The Gate of Firmament
Advantages and Disadvantages of The Gate of Firmament

The Gate of Firmament


Xuan-Yuan Sword EX: The Gate of Firmament offers an excellent original soundtrack and BGM, along with unique art styles. You surely won’t have to complain about the graphic and artwork because they are extremely beautiful and magnificent. The gameplay is very unique and understandable. The players are allowed to craft and forge their own weapons and go target the wicked monsters of the enemies.


Since The Gate of Firmament is the rarest Chinese RPG game that has English subtitles, it’s still inevitable to have some translation errors. The players will probably have different feelings towards the steam version and the original Chinese version. There will be some of the discrepant features between these two versions as well. For example, in Steam version, the players are unable to disable the AI in order to stop utilizing the items, which can be viewed as the minus point of the Steam version.

Overall reviews of in-game features

The Gate of Firmament

Xuan-Yuan Sword EX: The Gate of Firmament consists of multiple awesome features for the players to experience when joining. Since this is a unique Chinese RPG game, it’s a lot to take in! Let’s check out some of the outstanding features of the game now!

  • Graphics:

Although the game has beautiful graphics, it’s still not the best compared to other graphics of other games in this year. The game is developed in 3D, but it’s said that the game developers didn’t pay too much attention to NPC feature. Apparently, they only concentrate on the facial gestures of the protagonists.

  • Character:

As we mentioned above, the players will perform their actions by taking control of 4 main protagonists in the same group. This will make players battle against the enemies more easily because they don’t have to select the person that is going to be put in the party for the battle.

  • Demons:

The adversaries are not equipped with specific abilities at all! Most of them always perform the same attacks. The fight against the monster boss is not tough, but this is not true in the hard mode. If you kind of know about the skills of your protagonists, you can send them out into the battle against the boss, which takes place in some of the challenging areas.

  • Map

Map is also a crucial feature that needs to be noticed. The map in the game is kind of enormous, but it’s completely empty. The players need to sprint through the map to explore.

  • Quest

Most of the players will surely get surprised by the in-game quests, consisting of timeline fulfillment. You have no right to take on a quest if it is invalid. There will be some quests that you are required to show off your logical thinking skill and unraveling tough riddles.

Everything You Should Know About The Gate of Firmament
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