First Major Update for The Culling, “Trials of the Isle”!

First Major Update for The Culling, “Trials of the Isle”!

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The team here, at Xaviant… and Frank… have been worked hard on “Trials of the Isle.”



New features in the first major update for The Culling game, “Trials of the Isle”:

  • Private lobbies can contain up to 16 contestants who will play against each other in FFA mode to decide the owner of the island.
  • SteamOS support will spread the mayhem
  • You can play The Culling game as a female contestant in a unique suit.
  • About Trial Matches, Trials Tokens will be reserved for the winner in FFA matches. They can use this reward to compete in weekly FFA Trials matches to score exclusive and limited-edition loot.

New customization items: change your gear with new designs by Filthy Casual and Humans along with limited-edition hats.

New weapons: you can create a bloody combat on this island with the Crafted Cudgel (Tier 1 Bludgeon, Crafted Hatchet + Rock, 2 FUNC) and the mighty Trident (Tier 4 Spear).

New Air Drops in The Culling:

  • Polecat includes Trident, Survival Spear, Javelin (105 FUNC)
  • Cyclops consists of Trident, Orange Juice, Body Armor (110 FUNC)
  • Bait Crate has Decoy Air Drop which can explode when you gain 20 hit points of damage (50 FUNC)

New weapon wounds:

  • Expose: Axes increases the damage of the next attack the target by 5%, 10%, or 15%.
  • Pierce: Spears allows every damage from the spear to remove the armor of the opponent. In which, tier 1 is 12.5%, tier 2 is 16.7%, and tier 3 is 25%.
  • Bleed: Blades will not change to wound functionality.
  • Cripple: Bludgeons also have no change to wound functionality.

Throw Damage is an independent weapon stat in The Culling game. Some weapons are outstanding when throwing while the other weapons are less effective. Fewer weapons can gather the high damage values when you combine them with Golden Arm.

New Perks:

  • Dig Deep-You can collect 30 Health when the damage would destroy you.
  • Angry Octopus-when your health is below 30, it will auto drop a Smoke Bomb.
  • Inhuman-the Man Tracker can’t follow you. Thus, the alarm Gun will become harmless for you.
  • Thicker Clotting can decrease the duration of every wound by 50%. It is replaced with Clotting Agent and Hearty Constitution.

Armor Changes:

  • Crafted Armor decreases the upcoming damage by 30% for each 30 hit points.
  • Body Armor reduces the incoming damage by 50% for 50 hit points.
  • New baked lighting scheme changes graphical fidelity and rendering performance better.

Shove Changes of the first major update for The Culling:

  • Increased launch delay of shove
  • Shove can’t cause an unsteady interrupt when you charge the attack. So, you can continue this action even if they are shoved.
  • Shove has not the negligible damage as previous.
  • Increased the time between shoves to decrease the effectiveness of spamming

Cosmetic Loot Rarity:

  • Added two new levels of ultra-rare loot, changed rarity color scheme (now the Rarity progression has White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Red)
  • Limited-Edition Items-Some items will drop in in Trials of the Isle limitedly.

Crate Drop Distribution:

  • Spears, Blades, Bludgeons, Axes have the equal opportunity to drop from crates.
  • Tier 4 melee weapons have a little chance to drop from Blue Crates.


Graphics Settings

Graphics Settings contains a big influence on the system performance for users in The Culling such as

  • Render Quality affects the characteristics of the new lighting scheme. The Extreme can cause the decrease in the performance of some users.
  • Texture Quality- The streaming pool size will be raised for those in the High and Medium settings and vice versa so that it can control different video card memory limitations. The low setting should solve issues on low-end cards.

Gameplay of The Culling game

  • Fixed Baseball Bat shove behavior’s bug
  • Also fixed Crafted Knife shove behavior’s issue
  • Adjusted weapon balance of Expose and Pierce
  • With Perk, the poking deeply is removed. It will not fit with spear wounds.
  • Bridge art and audio are improved.
  • Explosive Barrels and FUNC Barrels Damage fall off exactly over the range.
  • Fixed Bloodbath which not applying the effect on throws. It changed how to decide if an incoming bleed wound should replace an existing bleed wound or not. And now, it becomes the one with the highest remaining damage.
  • Fixed a bug for Bomb Suit Perk that makes players in the explosion radius getting the benefit
  • Fixed the issue for players who can block while puking
  • Perks Code Red and Alarm Gunner can create Red Gunner together.
  • Removed Perk Blowsafe and Perk Blowzoom
  • Increased the Perk Master Crafted damage bonus to 20%, Perk Tough Mother mitigation bonus to 15%, and Perk Big Boned health bonus to 25 hit points
  • Charged attacks can’t break out of the charge anim when hit by a ranged shot.
  • Cleaver is considered as an Axe weapon.
  • Fixed a bug for the Stun Gun which uses ammo shots
  • Fixed a bug that Steel Snares implement 15 damage instead of 25
  • Fixed an issue for Recycle Costs and Airdrop Value, some old values are still set in recycling values which causing bad value to airdrops
  • The scoreboard doesn’t display the list of names in a match until the first player is killed.


Audio in this update will give you more exciting info about The Culling game

  • Added Alarm Gun SFX when you shoot down the target while Inhuman Perk is equipped
  • Added new announcer death notifications for Spear kills, Axe kills, Fist kills, Bow kills
  • Added new Health Machine phrases and random barks


  • Improved map texture and material
  • Have new south water treatment building WIP and landscape around the area
  • Fixed door locks on the Southern water works
  • Added new water works entrance piece, too
  • Have big support and level art changes with lights
  • Changed container, recycler and health station locations
  • Decreased the bloom and contrast on the spawn box

Character/ Animation

This item is about the character or animation in The Culling game

  • Improved the animation speed to connect better the movement speeds such as crouch, walk, and sprint
  • Improved general animation to decrease popping and unpredictable behaviors
  • Fixed weapon animation for hand IK
  • Cleaned up some sword animation, added two missing 3P Sword Attacks to the 1P versions, 1P camera animations has fewer changes
  • Removed leg IK
  • When IK is active, the feet should rotate only.
  • Adjusted the anim length of crafting poison darts to match the crafting time
  • Fixed animation polish the weapon while sprinting
  • Added hip leaning or snipe twisting when the character is turning
  • Changed the support for various female characters
  • Made the Bat heavy attack version for 1P and 3P
  • Changed some upper-body bow run polish
  • Added blinks and reduced the degree of head
  • Broken up hits reacts
  • Created recycle anims for the brass knuckles
  • Fixed skin weighting on balaclavas


  • Added icons for new Perks, updated some others
  • Added the outline to FUNC symbol in HUD
  • Updated the crafting guide with Cudgel
  • It’s possible to see the loot rarity color


Some marginal information about this The Culling’s update

  • Fixed the bug for Baseball Bat which can’t show charge meter when throwing
  • Potentially fixed the input which getting stuck after puking interrupts an item use, the item use is removed now
  • Fixed the issue that players can spectate somebody in a team match
  • Added the protection against the perks’ speed being canceled by Cripple or low stamina state
  • Fixed hover tooltips
  • There is a bug that still allows the Man Tracker to follow the female targets. Frank can solve this.
First Major Update for The Culling, “Trials of the Isle”!
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