Fractured – An Impressive Open-World Sandbox MMORPG Game

Fractured – An Impressive Open-World Sandbox MMORPG Game

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Fractured – An Addictive Online Game

Fractured is the first open-world sandbox MMORPG game in which you will have to complete battles and learn how to rule the world as soon as possible. Fractured also brings to the player a cooperative gameplay. You can start your journey by entering the match from day one. You need to beat every enemy and show the own skill with the smart plan. Additionally, you should collect resources, craft items, trade, and discover every legendary expedition as the best solitary hero. Or, you can begin to build up a settlement with your guild and grow it into the succeeding empire.

Fractured - An Impressive Open-World Sandbox MMORPG Game


The Fractured game promises to give you a vast virtual interactable planet, in the sense of ‘multiverse’. If you are stranded between a group of bandits and a raging river, use the water to defend your life or freeze them when they are crossing then melt to drown the prey. In the Fractured game, there are many natural elements that you can mine to demolish the adversary even when you are hopeless. Thus, you can get ready to spend a lot of time to familiarize with the weather, trees, animals and everything surrounding.

Fractured is an awesome game taking place in a strange world named Syndesia. Players will have the chance to explore many unique contents. The producer stated that it is the online game that your race will depend on a machine one. Every social relationship will base on the way that you treat other people. There are three races with three gameplay. Aside from the human, you can encounter Beastmen living in harmony. Additionally, you will have many occasions to meet up with Demons, dangerous beasts possessing an inner evil alignment. Do not forget to make Tartaros you want if you’re thirsty for blood and dreaming of being a legendary ravager, assassin, or worse!

Fractured - An Impressive Open-World Sandbox MMORPG Game


A pretty special feature in the Fractured game is Knowledge System. With that system, you can say goodbye to the novice RPG level and skill systems that you see frequently. It is flexible and generous when granting rewards for your courage and cleverness, not for hours that you spent to hunt down zombies or other tasks. Indeed, it allows the character get smarter after he accomplishes crucial missions. About the action aspect, gamers will soon be attracted in front of the series of complex fighting mechanics arranged from dodging to aiming. There are approximately 400 skills and 40 states needed to track. In the Fractured game, you can engage the most interesting adventures with friends right away. When your strength and weakness are established, you can embark on looking for the knowledge and reputation.

With such a highly action-oriented game, the PvP will be extremely impressed with the very free mechanism which focuses on the player’s skill.

The new gameplay will appear every day. You can take a rest with a fire in your home, a tavern or an encampment of your team. However, remember to set abilities and mark out your role in the upcoming trip as well as confirm your talent points to tweak your build. After that, you can check out your schedule in a MOBA with the existence of an MMO.


There are hunters and scavengers, crafters and merchants, farmers and shepherds, miners and woodcutters. They are considered as important creatures that can generate cash flow for the society, claim to free lands, secure it from your enemies, cultivate, run livestock business, harvest rare resource nodes, obtain these materials through the PVE combat.

Generally, the game is worth for you to enjoy and experience. Why don’t you create a Fractured account now? Be the first one who receives the latest news on recent updates, contribute to the development on the game’s forums, and seize the opportunity to be the lucky winner of an alpha/beta key!

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