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Gigantic – A Familiar and Interesting Game Based on the MOBA Formula


Along with the list of influences that the Gigantic steam game brings back, it will become easier for it to similar to a repeat of a game that you have ever engaged a lot of times before.

So, the developer of the game, Motiga, decided to give out another smart balance. And now, you can see that Gigantic can contain well-worn genres inside in order to create a new experience for the player. Of course, you will not find any boring detail anymore.

Instead of figuring out a solution for an objective-based team shooter or a MOBA which filled with colorful characters, your game has the chance to mix the best elements of two genres and combine them into a single package. From that change, you and other participants will receive something that has not been existing before. It is something particular. Indeed, it is a combination of mechanics which are more positive than the old one.

Gigantic Steam

Every challenge in the Gigantic game will be applied to the formula that everybody will have to protect themselves and give the power to their guardian – a very big beast which can stand on the base of the team. By demolishing the enemy, you will seize the opportunity to collect more abilities for him. Additionally, you can summon these creatures and take control of points across the playfield. If you have lumped enough the power you want, your guardian will take a brutal action on the monster of the opposing group easily in a massive battle. And you know it is a great chance to force him to move hurriedly to the opposite direction located at the end of the map so he can thoroughly destroy the fallen guardian before it joins a free struggle. If you deal enough damage, you can cause a serious wound on their guardian.

Gigantic Free Download

The Gigantic free download will ask you to attempt much more to achieve victory. A tutorial will be popped up and it will show you how to overcome stages of the game, from summoning the animals, murdering or defending to mastering the key. If you have already moved through the guide and bot matches, you can realize that the flow of the game will get more natural than what you heard from the instruction.



The collection of heroes can make you overwhelmed and confused. The development team determines to launch 19 Gigantic characters. All of them are beautiful and impressive. Even, you can imagine that they are appearing as the star in their animated film. Every combatant in the game is a “blend of ideas” that can improve the mold one way or another.

A Perfect World in Gigantic

For example, Zandora is known as a galactic woman who is equipped with a sword. When she exists on the surface, she turns into a melee bruiser and she can wield the weapon to slash the foe without difficulty. She is one of the few support persons. Aside from that, she can slice and cut or deploy buffs on herself with her teammates. You should be aware that Zandora will be able to fall into a middle of most team fights. Thus, developers built up a hero who has equal parts tank and is a necessary useful character.

A Perfect World in Gigantic

Moreover, these design options like that will help them resolve several troubles at a time. For one guy who connects to a MOBA and cannot be successful with his objective, he can choose a melee character. Therefore, we can say that Zandora is really strong. She is highly strategic, too. Understanding when to polish her is not useless but important to beat fights and allow your party to remain alive. On the other hand, she will provide an exciting introduction to the melee combat to shooter’s fans so they can perceive the difference that they think.

Meanwhile, other melee heroes will have multi-dimensional Gigantic gameplay which is suitable for their kits.


Due to Gigantic is a free-to-play game (not everything will be opened up for use to begin), you will be required to work through armed conflicts and spend the money on unlocking the whole cast along with a few skins or beasts which were called for previously. The system that we are talking about can come up with a standard in-game currency that you can earn by participating in the game. Or, you can get it by buying with the real money.

As same as other free-to-play games, characters and unlockables in Gigantic can be purchased directly instead of collecting in the game. Cosmetics skins that are most expected are accessible by paying out the actual money only.

Besides, the training mode of Gigantic is effective to test your skill before you fight against types of scary monsters. You can select upgrades at the earliest phase. It is amazing for those who are eager to search for the location where they can add more items since they will have more time to check out each of heroes and stuff.

Free to Play

Punctually, the Gigantic release date is officially available free for everybody around the world to play. You can look for more information at Gigantic on Steam or visit the homepage at

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