Hotfix Incoming! #92358 & #92449

Hotfix Incoming! #92358 & #92449

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Hotfix #92358



This hotfix #92358 is the patch has been achieved a big success. This hotfix will bring plenty of meaningful changes for The Culling game and make players love it much more. Explore the Hotfix #92358 to know the benefits that you will receive before starting and immersing into the relaxing, rewarding, and dreadful adventure on the new island!

Note that servers will be down for up to 4 hours this morning as we apply the hotfix.All right! The Hotfix changes of  #92358 are:

  • The spears are rebalanced to have lower base damage and the axes are also changed to have higher base damage.
  • Fixed the issue where shove or block can behave unfaithfully in many certain cases.
  • An issue where you can lose the focus on mouse control and exit application is fixed.
  • The error that the message can’t connect to Steam during game startup is adjusted, too.
  • Fixed the bug where Stun Gun sometimes would spend both of charges at a time.
  • Now, the bow bleed wound intensity HUD tooltip text is accurate.
  • The Stun gun interaction with Woundless perk issue that you encounter in this awesome The Culling game is changed.
  • Besides, some cases where Stamina fail to regenerate is fixed.
  • Changed disposables bug that you can’t drop them (Snares, Stun Gun)
  • Fixed the collision problem in the center arena

The next thing we want to show you is the hotfix #92449.

Hotfix #92449

After the hotfix named #92358, this hotfix #92449 will introduce to you the interesting amendment that you will need to have when playing The Culling game. They are:

  • The bug that players are not allowed to use the in-game text chat feature is improved.
  • An exploit which revolved with Stun Gun ammo will not affect your game.
  • The issues that you face when losing the mouse cursor control under certain situations are fixed.
  • Modified action queuing behavior so that it can reduce causing disruption
  • Accomplished a “convenience tax” on Holo Spawners-items in Holo Spawners cost 150 FUNC instead of 100. This change is improved to delay the appearance of higher tier weapons in the match.
  • Fixed the trouble that items in The Culling would get stuck in the air if they are thrown in many certain points on the map

Hopefully, the Hotfix Incoming! #92358 & #92449 will become the useful improvement for your favorite The Culling game. Being one of the contestants and try to survive until you end every danger now! Remember to follow our posts to get the latest updates! Have much fun!


Hotfix Incoming! #92358 & #92449
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