Hotfix Is Live! Revision #90682 and #90745

Hotfix Is Live! Revision #90682 and #90745

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Thank for every feedback and comment that you all contribute to The Culling game! This supports very much for the developer to improve the game’s quality. Hence, several bugs are detected and put to right.


Hotfix #90682

The following fixes will give you a lot of useful information for users when playing The Culling game.

  • Many issues are accomplished for some users (especially for min-spec or below hardware) who getting trouble with long startup times and map load times. Thus, thus change will help many people. But it is being investigated to find out reports.
  • An “off” setting for shadows is added to The Culling with this hotfix. This item can help some players improve the performance.
  • The bug where Steam Items for Pixie hair and Bun hair items were not providing the suitable in-game item is fixed. Now, the Steam Items fittingly decides the in-game item you own.
  • Crafted Cudgel receives the advantage of the Master Crafter Perk and Bludgeon Perks
  • Air Drops are arranged by FUNC cost once again
  • Cleaver is made reference to an axe in the main menu of The Culling
  • UI descriptions for Crafted Armor and Body Armor will send back the correct value of the armor.
  • The Alarm Gun terminology which related to Inhuman Perk in UI is fixed.
  • Crafted Cudgel and Crafted Hatchet show the proper names when they appear on the ground
  • Weakness will be replaced with Expose in UI elements for Axes.
  • Fixed an issue for players inviting their friends whose Steam profiles were established to “private”
  • The cost of Cyclops AirDrop increases to 135 from 119 FUNC
  • Fixed a bug where HUD describing Trident’s melee damage value
  • Changed an issue where spears applying a bleed wound
  • Fixed the issue that Bait Crate detonation can cause each time you choose an customize while equipping Bait Crate
  • The poison gas map shutdown is triggered once the match gets 3 players.

Hotfix #90745

With the help of users’ feedback, they support a lot for The Culling hotfixes. And some of these changes will be introduced below:

  • Fixed the bug where being shoved could break the control input when blocking. This was creating the stun-lock
  • Fixed the issue where pushing roughly while charging an attack could break the weapon input
  • Adjusted bug crashing when you take part in a match late (related to long loading on a few hardware configurations)
  • Cleaver gains the benefits from Axe Perks instead of Blade Perks.
Hotfix Is Live! Revision #90682 and #90745
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