Lifeless Is In Early Access

Lifeless Is In Early Access

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Lifeless game has the cool concept. The ragdoll physics are better than most early access survival games. The PVP is fun and satisfying. The ambient music is fantastic. The creative melee weapons you can find are badass. Loot is easy to find. The environmental storytelling is similar to Fallout. And you can find a skeleton with a gun in its lap or a child laying in a bunk bed which is really sad and others.

Lifeless is a massively multiplayer survival game. Your story takes place in an abandoned town where you cooperate between other players to survive in a hostile environment. Not only that, you have the chance to experience an open world filled with the interesting storyline along with a brutal and bloody combat. The context of Lifeless is in May 2021. Ten years since the world became a deadly infected wasteland. Two factions fight for resources while trying to battle against an ever-growing menace of zombies. And your mission is to look for the best way to survive.

Lifeless is the impressive zombie game officially enters the testing phase Early Access

Recently, the development team Green Man Loaded (creators of the popular The Black Death) introduced an interesting online game called Lifeless. This game has the survival theme of the world in the near future. Everything is turned into disgusting zombie hordes. And survivors must work together to survive. At present, Lifeless is officially presence in Early Access.


Lifeless is in Early Access. This means that the game is still in active development. It can change significantly throughout the development process. With the Early Access of Lifeless, players can experience and make a difference as the game evolves during development. The team will work hard to add new features. And people who select to buy the game should expect missing content, bugs together with breaking problems.

If you are interested, you can sign up for an account to prepare to take part in and play the next round of testing at

Lifeless game’s fighting mechanisms

This is the exciting element of this survival game. It is pretty new and unique. You will not focus on shooting, fleeing like other survival games. But you will fight “melee” by using weapons such as sticks, axes, pestle and much more. They are also suitable for the context of scarce resources.


Accordingly, in addition to these abilities, players can kill zombies by using a special skill called “blocking throat.” This action allows you to stop them before they bite or attack you. And it may be the unprecedented thing in plenty of games having the same genre. Currently, Lifeless is in Early Access, and it has not been completed, especially, movement of the character, zombies, etc. It is quite artificial even can’t bring much impression for gamers.

You can see more about the usage of ‘blocking throat’ in the following gameplay video.

Key Features in the Early Access release

  • Welcome to Stillwater Bay: The Maine’s most popular tourist spot has been changed into a wasteland. You will start your adventure to explore lush natural landscapes and abandoned towns after the world’s collapse.
  • Learn To Survive: You need to search for new supplies, gather equipment, eat, and keep yourself healthy to stay alive.
  • Choose A Side: There are two factions fighting for survival. Just choose the civilian Nova Guard or the crazed Spartan Phalanx.
  • Fight For Your Life: It’s extremely brutal. In the melee-focused combat, you have to get up close and personal if you want to save ammo.
  • An Infected Threat: You need to watch out other faction. Zombies will try to prevent and kill you.







Lifeless Is In Early Access
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