Livelock Game Review

Livelock Game Review

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Livelock has the style as same as Diablo


If you are the fan of top shooter games such as Gungeon, Geometry Wars, or Crimsonland, you should not miss Livelock. Livelock is an action game in which you will have to use your shooting skill to eliminate the enemy. After some time to prepare, the game was finally released on 30 August 2016. The mission is to unlock Eden and revive humanity by controlling the chaos around you. Not only that, you have to ensure for survival.

In terms of gameplay, Livelock has the top-down perspective which creates the similar feeling as Diablo RPG. However, it is a fast-paced shooting game with guns and in a post-apocalyptic setting.

The gameplay of Livelock game is pretty simple.


You will select one of the three Capital intellects to play Livelock. Each of them will have their own abilities and fighting style. In which, the Hex character is the expert in ranged weaponry, the Vanguard specializes in armored and concentrate on devastating melee attacks while the Catalyst is good at deploying the army of drones to support in the combat. Aside from the diversity in fighting styles and weapons, these characters also own a series of custom abilities that can contain the form of area assaults or defensive abilities. If you enhance the progress through different levels, either alone or in 3 player co-op, your character will achieve new arms and abilities along with more heavily armored chassis.

The game modes

Currently, Livelock has only two game modes. Story Mode allows players to experience the content alone following the storyline. In this mode, you are also able to co-op with other players. But now, almost people don’t want to join Co-op in the Story Mode. Thus, you can wait for a long time to find the allies. Meanwhile, Survival Mode is the place that players will have to face several waves of the enemy. After each combat, their power will be increased. And you can get more difficult to deal. This is also the mode that you often see in the RPG shooter titles.

Animation of characters is good and motion is flexible.


The emotion of characters in this Livelock game is appreciated. They move fast and flexibly. You can realize that controls become easier and simpler. Besides, the effect of fire and weaponry in the game are designed very interestingly. Additionally, characters get more special skills, too. Breaking the environments makes the battle more engaging and challenging.

Additionally, characters get more special skills, too. Breaking the environments makes the battle more engaging and challenging.

The fighting mechanism is fast and varied


The combat mechanism in Livelock is pushed to the high pace. So, the character has to act and move constantly while shooting the target. The most familiar way is firing while avoiding or keeping the distance with the monster. There are many useful moves for you except the basics. Continuously dodging is also the key gameplay for you to survive and win.

Many challenging modes


Each mission in Livelock is distributed with different difficulty levels, from Easy to Hard. Raising the difficulty will make the monster stronger, the number and the frequency much more. In return, the rewarded is greater. Not only that, the boss at the final sub-map will become more unpleasant. It can beat the character with a few exact combos.

Graphics and Audio

Livelock’s graphics is fairly good. It doesn’t push the boundaries of the system, especially in the highest settings for PC users. Aside from that, the game’s environments are quite detailed and semi-destructive. In general, the graphic is suitable to the title.

Livelock’s audio department doesn’t work well. It has some issues with the voice acting. But, the soundtrack of each level runs pretty nice which supports to build up the atmosphere.

Cons of Livelock

Livelock still gets some issues of the life quality. For example, you can\’t switch characters between missions without having created another using the chassis that you love. It means that you will have to exit and move to the sub-menu to change characters when you utilize a new person for the first time. You can recognize this clearer when you can’t customize the weapon, abilities, or armors. You can get trouble when playing with loadouts. 
In addition to this, Livelock is pretty short. You have only 21 missions in the campaign. So, the game just lasts a few hours. You can find replay value in leveling a new chassis, hunting down the relatively meaningless audio logs, or playing the survival mode. But in fact, there is not a lot here.

Livelock Game Review
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