PUBG Lite Patch Note #02] Bug Fixes and Mode Changes

PUBG Lite Patch Note #02] Bug Fixes and Mode Changes

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PUBG Lite is a great PUBG free game for low spec PCs. It also brings many fixes for issues that players often encountered when playing their match. Aside from that, you are able to look up mode changes here. Get ready to explore the details on [Patch Note #02] and other exciting events!

Hi Survivors,

Features are added to your smaller PUBG pc. Not only that, they grow stronger. The developers got lots of feedback which was related to their anti-cheating system. It quickly became the most important item that the team paid attention to. Aside from boosting the functions of that anti-cheat tool, the other ones for reporting are also triggered, according to requests of their users.

During the process to develop PUBG Lite for pc game, they take care of comments of everyone in the community, which revolved around the sound troubles. They worked to make some of them better in order to block these from influencing the gameplay. Especially, they’d like to hear responses about changes from everybody from that place. The developers promised to implement everything essential so as to offer a stable gaming experience for players and the community.

There is another necessary update in [Patch Note #02] for PUBG Lite for pc download. It is the Duo Mode. It will be discarded for the moment to build a smoother matching service. Although there are often patches and differences, you and other people will have more chances to have fun with PUBG Lite for pc game and even obtain a lot of BP rewards when you accept to take part in events and conquer them. So, remember to follow breaking news and every happening about PUBG Lite!

Now, we will move to the section below to learn much more about your smaller PUBG pc.

New Features

Anti-Cheat System

  • It is useful for you or any angry person in PUBG pc for pc without emulator to send reports or info about those who are trying to act dishonestly or unfairly to be the last standing man.


  • It is a crucial part in PUBG Lite game. In which, the Default Mode setting has been renovated to turn on “Continuous shooting”.
  • Additionally, the mode above will allow your guns to auto reload.
  • Moreover, it is possible to put a stop to team kill – controlled to gun or melee damage.
  • The FPP FOV of PUBG Lite game has been modified and it can behave rightly in the graphics option.
  • Finally, the direction of shots will be launched strongly in real-time when you turn around.

Sound Update

  • The sound between floors in PUBG pc game has been recently optimized. Therefore, it can emit smoothly.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the bug where the player died while he was getting off a car in a rough area
  • Fixed the problem that it was difficult to hold firmly or stand on when you head to the left or right side after you accelerated
  • Fixed the bug that the side break was not chosen if somebody hopped out his vehicle in still status
  • Fixed the matter when the booster effect of PUBG Lite for pc game did not close when you got out of your means whilst you were handling the booster
  • Fixed the bug that you would not deploy the object taken from the Quick menu in the driver’s seat
  • Fixed where you could somewhat teleport or jump while you were riding a motorcycle
  • Fixed the issue in which you could drive with a flat tire

There were many cases need to be addressed to raise PUBG Lite game to a higher standard, aren’t there?


  • Fixed the silencer of certain weapons

You can check more details of PUBG Lite [Patch Note #02] here.


  • Fixed a player in PUBG beta game, who could gear up to 3 primary tools at once
  • Fixed where it displayed as “Team-kill” if someone destroyed himself
  • Fixed the bug that you would not spot the item tooltip near the death box
  • Fixed zones where you could be engulfed into the land in the Miramar map
  • Fixed shots which hit the leaf in Rozhok
  • Fixed when you and competitors in PUBG Lite game, who survived, were not found on the world map
  • Facts for Events and Game mode will be the last sections in [Patch Note #02] of PUBG Lite


  • Event 1: Limited time change to gain Double BP!
    • Event Period: occurs from February 21 (after the patch) to February 27 10:59 PM (GMT+8)
    • Select your BP and collect the best objects
    • Within the week, you will be given double BP!
  • Event 2: BP Price has been altered (1,000 BP)
    • Event Period: happens from February 21 (after the update) to February 27 10:59 PM (GMT+8)
    • Before ->5 Random Boxes = 21,700 BP required
    • Now -> 5 Random Boxes = 5,000 BP called for

Game Mode

  • Removed temporarily FPP / TPP Duo mode

Thanks for reading!

PUBG Lite Patch Note #02] Bug Fixes and Mode Changes
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