Rainbow Six: Siege Review

Rainbow Six: Siege Review

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Rainbow Six: Siege Review

Rainbow Six: Siege is an awesome first-person tactical shooter game where you and other players will control an operator from the Rainbow team, a counter-terrorist unit. Operators will have different nationalities, weapons, bombs, and gadgets. The game describes an asymmetrical structure. Teams will not be always able to keep balanced in their ability choices.

Prior to Rainbow Six Siege, the series which was launched the Tom Clancy’s brand had kind of fallen off the map. There is much more controversy when Siege was revealed that it would not have the full meaningful single-player or campaign component. Besides, Siege also took many important lessons from big hitters.

In the game, you can play defense. It is regarded as a strategic rush because you will be able to know attackers can break the wall anytime. When you have an objective to defend, you have to implement as fast as possible within 30 seconds to build and fortify the key areas with lots of stuff like barbed wire on the floor, barricades, reinforced doors and windows, and so on. All of these items can block the enemy from approaching the target from some certain angles.

Rainbow Six: Siege Review


The audio in Rainbow Six game is remarkable. It should be mentioned here because the soundtracks for each map is the sound that every player creates. Of course, you can hear something like gunshots. But, it is like a little noise. You can compare it with the suction of a breach charge being out on a wall or a floor or a metallic rustle when the foe is crossing the wire trap. It can be the starting of the loud and exciting chaos next.

That offense-vs.-defense will be reflected in the operators with 20 characters that the team can pick out from that. They own many unique skills. If you change a part to Sledge, who can pound the hole through the wall and floors; Thermite, who can cut his way through reinforced doors or windows by using the laser; and Pulse, who has the ability to explore the nearby heartbeats through the surface. You can’t search for how to use the Stimpack gun-toting Doc when you are on the other side of the spectrum. You can survive and die.


Rainbow Six: Siege is the game which consisting of a great diversity collection of 11 included maps. The bank can become the favorite location in the early stage because there will be a basic cops-and-robbers fulfillment in trying to save the hostage from the bank vault while the other team is attempting to give a flat to walls and communicate to you.

Game Modes

The game modes will give you the same feeling as you explore maps. There are many variations like the hostage, bomb, and secure area. In addition, the CTF-like Hostage will carry the most potential. It supplies the added target for you to capture a human-shaped flag and you need to move it out of the dangerous position. Actually, no one ever even got to the hostage as well as let them rescued alone.

The normal mode is the suitable option for the return Horde-like Rainbow Six favorite, Terrorist Hunt. It is the place for your team to fight against waves of the A.I enemy. From the experience that you have in the normal mode, you can advance and level up to at least Hard, in which, you will have a better chance to challenge with buddies.

Rainbow Six: Siege Review


There are ten single-player training missions that spotlight half of the 20 included operators. They are useful to give out the essential guide for the proper multiplayer combat. Nevertheless, you will not have any A.I teammate at your side. You can learn lots of amazing tactics and understand the way to choose when others appear and join.

The bonus situation 11 will be unlocked after you finish ten backfires. It’s pretty good. It is a five-player order Terrorist Hunt scenario that ending with an intro cut-scene. It’s really a memorable gameplay. “Rainbow Six is back! And we’ll totally hook you up with a proper co-op campaign next time, promise!” “Here’s everything you wanted in a narrative-driven campaign that we totally could’ve given you!”

Lock and Key

Aside from these elements, there is a least delightful part of the Rainbow Six Siege game. It is the progression system. Everything is locked including the ranked multiplayer matches, which is not available until you hit level 20 within over 10 hours. Siege will force you to play the Situations so as to earn the fame, the money used to obtain 20 Operators with attachments. After level 10, it is fairly slow. The second stage will require much more fame or renown to unlock. You will not earn much after completing Terrorist Hunt or PvP matches, especially if you fail. Even, it will not add any renown to unlock vital attachments like scopes and recoil suppressors. At this step, you may want to spend real cash on the renown point pack so that you can boost the process.

Rainbow Six: Siege Review
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