Revision Updates #90926 & #91351

Revision Updates #90926 & #91351

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Revision Hotfix #90926


Hotfix #90926 has many changes helpful for users in The Culling game consisting of the improvement the following major points:

  • Framerate is upgraded.
  • The loading time is reduced.
  • The issue is fixed. It was the problem that a few users could get when they tried to progress past a black screen as soon as they started or loaded a match.
  • Fixed the bug where users were missing perks and/or clothing upon loading into a match.

You can know that hotfixes represent a platform for us to show small changes in the update schedule. If you still get trouble with issues in The Culling game, please feedback or report them at the address [].

Even though many combat and balance changes are not displayed in this hotfix #90926, your ideas, and other changes are on their way. The process to find out the better combat iteration moving will have steps look like this:

  • Work with the community to figure out a general list of issues, for example, bugs, design/balance, or network performance.
  • Prepare for a plan of attack
  • Launch a preview set on a test server that players can visit
  • Iterate as necessary
  • Finally, release a full combat update to the live The Culling game

In which, the first step is completed and the second one is nearly done. The current objective is to announce the planned changes and publish test server replacing the regularly scheduled patch.

Besides, thank you for your overwhelming support and patience.

Revision Hotfix #91351

Now, lots of changes on the test servers are tried out. The test server program is useful to experiment new features and changes to The Culling game. Most of them will collect remarkable amounts of feedback from the community before bringing updates live.

The dust has finally settled and the changes are ready to be rolled out. If you take part in the Test Servers, you’ll recognize this update, but with a couple of tweaks:

Changes in The Culling game since the 5/18 Test Server Build

  • West Coast North America servers are live!
  • The Shove stamina cost is set up to 10
  • Blocking can’t drain stamina anymore. But you don’t revive while blocking.
  • Increase the FUNC reward for killing another player up to 40 with +15 bounty for kill remains
  • Fixed a bug where controls could not be responsive when player gets danger in the low-stamina condition

It’s time to play this amazing game and check these hotfixes! Thanks for reading!

Revision Updates #90926 & #91351
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