ROKH – A Survival Game Is Available On Steam!

ROKH – A Survival Game Is Available On Steam!

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ROKH – Survive on Mars

ROKH - A Survival Game Is Available On Steam!

ROKH game download is made by team members behind Thief, Half Life 2, Dishonored, Age of Conan and Assassin’s Creed, which is built on top of Unreal Engine 4 and rooted in science. It is one of the online games having the best graphics currently. The game is available on Steam for you to add to your cart and enjoy. You can watch the trailer below to see more. ROKH is set in a new red planet in which you will craft, build, and create a thriving colony. Additionally, it will be ready to bring to you lots of extraterrestrials. Overcome all of them with only one purpose, keep yourself safe.

From the video above, there will not be any monster or sickness. However, the environmental disasters will play an important role, including radiation, freezing temperature, sandstorms and meteor showers. The inevitable food and oxygen meters can be enough to any motivated person to piece together for a better living condition. Indeed, you can feel something boring after spending a few hours on Mars because you can not be killed by these elements. You can say that ROKH download is a complete master class.

Typical Features

Management – You need to attack every necessity of the life related to the food, water, oxygen. Besides, do not forget to manage support systems and stay alive.

Crafting – There is a modular crafting set which lets you make gadgets, weapons, and tools which are suitable to the playing style.

Explore – You can travels across a foreign surface, or wander around dunes, mountains, valleys, sandstorms, and other abandoned areas.

Engage together or alone – Pick out the ally you want and compete against the opponents.

Base building – You are allowed to construct a settlement and equip it with add-ons like the automated system.

The set-up in ROKH steam game looks familiar. You approach an inhospitable planet and you have got to get cracking. Meters will be shown on the glass of your helmet and other natural factors will be prepared to welcome you. In the existing place that players have landed on, these people find the formerly developed human colonies have been destroyed a large part. They have to cooperate and work together in order to pass over all of the threats they can encounter on Mars as well as to survive.

A Terrible Crafting System

If you have not exercised your skill in producing and put up in sandboxes, you have done it in space of ROKH game download. Discover the dry dusty Martian landscape and gather resources. There are some useful crates and another emergency screwdriver with rods, spikes, bars. You are going to check a type of mental anguish. Figure out the proper blueprint and start to generate items from the collected materials.

ROKH - A Survival Game Is Available On Steam!

Do creativity and control wisely while dangers are waiting for you! You can take some hours to finish incredible structures of skyscrapers.

Checking ingredients are necessary. Even, you should have a separate tool and menu when purifying the water from ice, or be repairing something. It’s very complicated and detailed by the fact that you only have five spaces on the toolbar. So, you may want to repeatedly open the inventory to drag. A wider spot is essential.

ROKH - A Survival Game Is Available On Steam!

A Nice Graphic

ROKH - A Survival Game Is Available On Steam!

It’s very good if there is one glimmer of decency in ROKH download game. The sun shines down and casts blue or orange hues at various times of the day. Meanwhile, dust covers red canyons and flat rocks pepper the surface, turning them into flakes from a distant geological era. The ruins of the previous expeditions mess up the land.

  • Pros: The ROKH download game has public and private servers, a good Mars setting and a modular crafting.
  • Cons: The limited information available.
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