Secret World Legends Game

Secret World Legends Game

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Secret World Legends – A wonderful free-to-play online survival game

The Secret World Legends release date is officially announced to exact time to launch, on 26 June after being expected to restart. Currently, those who are interested in the game can register the account or learn more at


Secret World Legends game is a completely free re-release of The Secret World but adding a few new features. However, the original story based on the catastrophic period does not still change, in which the humanity has to face up to a battle set in a fluctuating universe including a lot of exotic creatures coming from the outer space. Some people who own extraordinary powers will play an important role in that battle. It will lead you to a shadowy war. Engage a creepy adventure and uncover clues or unlock a highly extensive and customizable arsenal of firearms, weapons, gear and otherworldly powers, which give you the strength to eliminate forces of the darkness when they dig deeper into mysterious lands. You can venture alone and have fun with 100 hours or team up with friends. You are standing in an area where is considered as the frontier of good and evil. Keep calm and remove every threat strategically!

Secret World Legends Game


Secret World Legends Game

The graphics in the Secret World Legends game is pretty beautiful and eye-catching. It is able to re-enact a lively world. You can find that something is familiar to the doomsday. At that moment, you are going to be forced to confront the invasion of wicked aliens.


Secret world legends gameplay is easy. The gameplay remains the same. It is a cool adventure having a rich foundation. It is an attempt to re-launch. It’s utterly free for you to experience at this time. There are many changes like another combat system, tweaked missions and skill trees, along with items in vines of bemusing currencies. Their impact is not enormously felt compared if you compare it to how it played before. The first impression is that it is a great game in the way it is improved in terms of accessibility and flow. And it is confused by a ridiculous array of the money bought for the real one.

Secret World Legends Game

Meanwhile, The Secret World caused some extremely big mistakes. It was very silly when it tried to see how expensive it could be while other MMO games were unsuccessful.

The bad news is that Secret World Legends changes in complicated MMO bits do not actually solve any problem. Indeed, it is vague and terrible although specific skills have been made different when it describes what will be combined and how to build up the hero.

The mechanics in-game is fairly as similar as a famous third-person shooter. Nevertheless, characters are allowed to use other special skills aside from applying ranger weapons such as guns. These are supernatural abilities.


Secret World Legends Game

It will not separate between Secret World Legends classes. Thus, players can develop your fighter as you want. From that, pick out any equipment and learn the skill tree your way.


The style of the game is slow and it can make you feel bored. Instead, you can focus on exploring the vast environment or challenge yourself in a set of quests.

In addition to solving some puzzles, you will need to guess the correct answers which are questioned according to the existing situation in the course of the task. Note that the leveling function will not be utilized. So, try to finish every required trouble to gather skill, points used to increase them, or obtain the virtual currency.

Finally, Secret World Legends definitely brings several concepts of the original and provides an essential facelift. The visuals are improved totally with no losing their signature style.

There is not any paywall in the game to hold the player back. If you love secrets, love puzzles, and testing your senses, Secret World Legends is a game to look forward to.

Hope you enjoyed!

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