The Culco Jungle MAP!

The Culco Jungle MAP!

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Culco Jungle Map, a navigational map

Culco Jungle Map by B I O S is a navigational map which can make you feel more interested in exploring The Culling game. It is a product in the progress and Welcomes community input. It will be updated until players achieve the best navigational map for this level.


This update of The Culling Culco Jungle Map adds new locked door area to the map with some crates at the airport while the previous updates added water areas to the map. The name “Culcast Rec” was corrected and an additional cave to the SW of the map was added. Aside from that, the cave behind the swamp house was repositioned. Also, roads and a few green crate locations were supplemented.

It’s time to spent many of hours wandering about the Culco Jungle Map! In the practice mode, you should carefully calculate the static positions of all the important areas of the map.


The Culco Jungle MAP!
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