The Culling Game Review

The Culling Game Review

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The Culling is the perfect combination of Hunger Games and Battle Royal. This the worthy game that you should buy the copyright, play and experience the feeling as if you are playing in The Hunger Games (or Battle Royal).

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Recently, The Culling is officially opened to every player on Steam. It is notable that The Culling was inspired the ideas from the famous movie series The Hunger Games. It requires 16 players to participate in a closed arena. In which, they have to fight each other until there is only 1 (or 2 depending on game mode) the last survivors.


And of course, you need to spend about 15$ to own The Culling game because it is only the Early Access. So far, The Culling is expected to open in 2017. In fact, when you play this game, you will take part in a team of 2 persons (or 1). You will team up with another player to battle against the foe, destroy them for survival.


The mechanism of The Culling

The mechanism to control your fighter in The Culling is built following the first-person view. It’s fairly easy to control and familiar to players! You should remember that characters in the game are humans. Therefore, every movement and attack will not have too many special and different points. You will mainly attack or aim and shoot as the FPs shooters.

At starting, you will be thrown into a fierce combat including up to 16 persons. The mission of you is trying to remove all of the opponents before they have the chance to become the winner.


Is there any tactic in this game?

By the time, many people will question why gamers don’t run away or hide, wait until others die and they will appear to win. It is considered a wise tactic. But it is not really appropriate in The Culling as well as in The Hunger Games.

You need to know that the key to winning in this game is not trying to find and destroy all of the targets. Also, survive till the end. However, you must learn how to own the best weapons. They will help you launch deadly attacks and end the battle faster.


The weapons and equipment

This is the most important and prerequisite problem in The Culling game. If you have not any powerful weapon like bows and guns or melee weapons even as the average recovery, you can’t defeat the enemy and survive or win finally.

When you embark on the first stage, you will not be equipped with anything. And you must move and collect equipment scattered on the map. It is extremely necessary to do that! It is also the reason causing players fighting against each other to scramble.

The equipment is designed quite diverse from melee weapons, ranged weapons to the costume for healing, which allows players not to worry about reducing the power after each battle.
You will become stronger when you eliminate the target. Besides, you can loot and improve your ability. Note that each character can only be equipped with up to 5 weapons.


Map of the game is built quite wide, helping the player can unleash move and collect equipment before working on the fight. In addition to collecting equipment on the map, the player can pick up other equipment (strongly) at the point of supply (like in The Hunger Games). However, some smart players even figure out how to shoot down the supply items hovering over a map to avoid heading to the point and conflict with other players.


The key point in this battle of life and death is that after a certain period of time, the toxic smoke will automatically appear at the edge of the map, forcing players to move to regional centers to fight together. Now, if you do not have the kind of equipment and weapons necessary, it’s inevitable and obvious when you are defeated. This is also why players have to go looking for the equipment first.



The extremely exciting gameplay content of The Culling making the game more attractive. This is a game worthy that you should buy the copyright, play and experience the feeling as you are involved in The Hunger Games (or Battle Royal).
The game does not have too many demerit points, a relatively nice graphics despite the character’s movement has still not been like that. But we can also give this game to 8 or 8.5 / 10 points.

The Culling Game Review
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