The Fair Trader

The Fair Trader

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The Fair Trader is the interesting job that you can check for free. Everything you should do when you explore The Fair Trader in The Culling is setting up a trading counter in the Survival Station or in another house which is close to the Culmination. It is the foundation that you will begin to serve everyone. Change your name if you want and you can embark on this new job.



There are many choices for you when playing as the fair trader in The Culling game including:

  • With Backpacker, you will have to need many item slots for the first loot.
  • With Man Tracker, you should avoid the contact before you head to the own shop. It is better when you are present on the counter!
  • You can decide the last perk. however, you’d better run Stealthy or Alarm gunner.
  • Load Dropper is also the valid perk. You can get the Trapper items easier and enter the counter faster.


Airdrops are the items in The Culling game. In fact, they are not too important for you to spend time or FUNC to collect. However, you can do this to fill the counter with something cheap, for example, Trapper or Addict.

Trapper is really useful with Shopkeeper role because you can snare easily your counter entrance if you have the FUNC.


Outfit of the trader in The Culling game is the pleasant part. You will have the impressive appearance when standing in front of your customers. And you can be safe. Of course, this is not guaranteed. You can wear a matching set of Baseball cap and a T-Shirt to work as a fair trader.


You can change your steam name to have the trust from other people when completing your “build”. There are some simple proper names that suitable to your profession like:

  • Fair Trader
  • Shopkeeper
  • Merchant

Gameplay of The Fair Trader


You will have two major points in this game play item. They are the basic to-do list when you are a merchant and the tips when you are in the difficult situation.

The first thing you ought to have is a few items. You can gather these from the location that you spawn after starting The Culling game. You should search for the closest houses, loot them and run quickly to the survival station to build up your shop (or other houses where having a counter). Hurry up! If you don’t have enough 5 items, you must craft something to make the customers happy.

Some basics to work as a Merchant are:

  • Mostly stay behind the counter
  • Don’t try to attack or hurt anybody!
  • It’s possible to put snares on the counter’s entrances! (Thanks for the tip Tacky!)
  • You can jump because this action is considered as a friendly gesture.

What will you do in the case customers actually attack you?

(Thanks for the tip BothersomeBen!)

  • In The Culling game, if the customer comes and starts a fight at your shop, you can use the pepper spray or a smoke bomb or grab whatever you see to shield and escape from this shop for a period of time. Until these crazy persons have gone, you can come back. (It may be one of the wisest ways)
  • Just defend when they attack you. It means that sometimes they can stop their dangerous action when seeing you don’t harm them.
  • If you completely want, you can counterattack and protect your own shop.

Why don’t you apply the knowledge that you have gained in this guide to your favorite game? Surely, you will receive a lot of fun with this career. Hope you enjoyed!



The Fair Trader
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