The Gate of Firmament Patch V1.01110325 and V1.01110316

The Gate of Firmament Patch V1.01110325 and V1.01110316

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The Gate of Firmament Patch V1.01110325 and V1.01110316

The Gate of Firmament Patch V1.01110325 and V1.01110316

Let’s talk about some main information of the popular The Gate of Firmament Patch game! This article will include two patches called V1.01110325 and V1.01110316 with many useful changes for players. The first thing we want to introduce is The Gate of Firmament Patch V1.01110316. It was launched on 11 March 2016 by Softstar.

The Gate of Firmament Patch V1.01110316

The Gate of Firmament Patch V1.01110316 will give you the update about some items and adjust a few new functions of UI. We can know all of them right now. If your game doesn’t update automatically, you can restart the Steam client.

  • New items added:
  • A switch to control Al uses items in the battlefield. LMB/Confirm Button/ Button A of Controller can help you skip the dialogue sentence by sentence. But this will not happen often.
  • Revised items
  • The system can revise the bug of the game’s menu.
  • Minigames revise the issue that the controller is not available in a few mini games.
  • The battlefield can adjust the bug when you begin to join.
  • Language will revise the bug when you choose another language.
  • Achievement alters the bug for some achievements that can’t be acquired.
  • UI revises the display of the character in the game along with the conversation and the battlefield.
  • Save data will change the bug in this field.
  • Game control brings the new controller experience and changes the Esc Shortcut key into Back.
  • Music can adjust some BMG of Boss Battle.
  • Scenes alter the scene of Sishui.
  • The story helps you revise the bug about Role-floating in situations.
  • Skill revises the wrong instruction of Element conversion.

With this great update, wish you will have much more experience with this game. However, it is not all. Currently, you can catch up the latest patch named The Gate of Firmament Patch V1.01110325. It was released on 25 March 2016 by Softstar. With some major changes, this patch promises to help you much more in playing The Gate of Firmament Patch game. All right! Explore it now!

The Gate of Firmament Patch V1.01110325

The Gate of Firmament Patch V1.01110325 is the patch that can bring a lot of surprises to you. It makes your favorite game more and more exciting. The patch will give you the latest update automatically. In case your game can’t update like this, you should restart the own Steam client.
In this update, you can find some new information added such as:

  • New items:
  • The expansion features of the Cauldron system. In which the items can be used for Infusion. But it can’t be made by Infusion.
  • Revised items:
  • In Achievement, an issue was fixed. Some quest achievements can’t be bought or obtained.
  • About UI, an issue was fixed. It is unknown “question mark” that you can see it on the map.
  • To Soundtrack, the music format was changed to improve the quality of the Track.

Hopefully, this update will provide to you a better gameplay experience. At this time, DOMO also collect your feedback to promote the gameplay experience for you.

It’s time to explore and play The Gate of Firmament Patch, the famous game of the world! Make sure you can control your character well to fight against the enemy, monster. Try your best to survive and become the owner of the new world! With these patches, everything in this The Gate of Firmament Patch will become easier for players. Why don’t you start your adventure and conquer all challenges? There are a lot of amazement waiting for you. Have fun!

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